Igorkasyanchuk's Gems

#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
11,6111,407active_storage_validationsValidations for Active Storage (presence)
26,4566,327rails_dbQuick way to inspect your Rails database, see content of tables, filter, export them to...
37,8416,977new_google_recaptchaGoogle reCAPTCHA v3 + Rails (integration)
48,9535,328rails_performance3rd party dependency-free solution how to monitor performance of your Rails applications.
59,5547,704any_loginSimply add this gem to your application and make your life easier with switching users.
610,38621,849active_storage_silent_logsSilent your Active Storage logs to avoid "noise" in logs.
712,9546,142rails_live_reloadRuby on Rails Live Reload with just a single line of code - just add the gem to Gemfile.
814,2638,749log_analyzerlog_analyzer gem is created to get statistics about your views rendering performance.
914,30443,609better_tempfileCreate Tempfile with extension.
1015,67718,205benchmark_methodsMeasure and benchmark execution time of your ruby methods. Forgot about `Time.now - t` ...
1121,35732,554execute_sqlExecute SQL directly in rails console or in the code.
1222,01514,738execution_timeMeasure execution time in Rails console
1324,97125,663cache_with_localeAutomatically add application locale (I18n.locale) as a part of cache key in Rails views.
1439,58416,957avatarroGenerate avatars (gmail-like) in your apps
1541,20047,499rails_pdfReliable way to generate PDF files of any complexity. Support HTML/ERB/CSS/SCSS/PUG/Jav...
1646,20929,324records_countSee in Rails console how many records your query returns. It can help with solving perf...
1755,22424,765sweet_stagingAccess log files on remote server
1858,94311,285rails_chartsOne more solution to create charts in Ruby on Rails application
1959,28330,621wrapped_printVery simple utility to help your with debugging code and print values to console
2074,20660,044transactifyTransactify gem can run your methods in database transaction. Previously you had to wra...
2184,02447,499omg_imageDescription of OmgImage.
2288,350144,505awesome_back_urlBetter back URL for your Rails applications.
2496,93153,660rails_time_travelTime Travel with timecop for your Rails app
25108,79347,499ask_chatgptAI-Powered Assistant Gem right in your Rails console.
26112,65470,766calculate_in_groupRails active record grouping with range
27116,17147,499peity_vanilla_railsSparklines are small but intense charts.
28116,49370,766just_for_funFind your models with shortcuts. Transform numbers and arrays into AR objects.
29119,07860,044rails_liveSee in live what is happening on server in real-time. Track all activities.
30119,33170,766mini-guardRun specs when you edit your files in a smart way (in app, views, specs folder).
31119,53947,499sql_viewSimple way to create and interact with your SQL views using ActiveRecord.
32125,43747,499fake_apiThe fastest way to prototype API in your Rails app using Faker and mix of rails routes,...
33132,65683,376slim_erb_backportBackport support for Slim 4+ version for ERB support in Slim views.
34135,91083,376secrett11ttoMake copy-pasting much harder.
35139,54083,376font_awesome_file_iconsReturn font awesome icon based on filename.
36140,84083,376rails_cached_methodVery easy way to cache results of your methods
37144,02283,376sidekiq_log_analyserSimple sidekiq log analyzer.
38144,28183,376rails_requestsTrack number of requests to your app
39157,334144,505deprecations_collectorLog your deprecations in log file.
40157,86270,766lazy_mobile_testerLazy Mobile Tester from the page
41157,995144,505with_recordInclude more records in your relations/associations, just to DRY your code.
42164,26383,376tell_my_envSee in rails console env in which you are working.
43164,71853,660unsplash_imageShow the random images in your Rails app or download them to use for seeding a DB
44165,082106,746embed_viewEmbed partial inline into your views to increase performance of rendering.
45166,55870,766spring_rspec_commands_addonInstead of receive in console
46166,779106,746mechanicalDynamic forms, schema, everything stored in DB
47167,555144,505unwhereRemove where conditions from your AR relations
48168,352106,746sabotageCoding & debugging must be fun. Make life a bit harder for your colleagues :)
49168,951106,746ppp-utilpp but without returning self. Just call ppp
50169,424106,746rrr-cliRun only recently changed specs in your app.
51172,37183,376mega_scaffoldFastest way to add CRUD functionality to your Rails models. No jQuery or other frontend...
52173,027106,746hasharay_extUseful method to fetch data from complex hashes and arrays
53174,637144,505amazon_static_siteUpload static website to S3
54175,47370,766lazy_valueLazy load values in Rails views.
55176,533144,505create_update_destroy_asyncExecute create/update/destroy operations asynchronously in your Rails app
56178,995144,505chat_gpt_blockerSimple gem (middlware) to block ChatGPT-User
57179,055106,746railsochromeGet better visibility of what happen on your server with logs directly in Chrome