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#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
11,277506http-parserA super fast http parser for ruby. Cross platform and multiple ruby implementation ...
210,8836,037libuvAn opinionated wrapper around libuv for Ruby
312,57829,654uv-raysOpinionated abstractions for Libuv
415,70911,612spider-gazelleSpidergazelle, spidergazelle, amazingly agile, she leaps through the veldt, Spide...
517,27873,502perusSimple system overview server
618,24732,070co-elastic-queryElasticsearch query generator
722,02613,601impromptuComponent and dependency manager for Ruby
822,95038,847ruby-tlsAllows transport layers outside Ruby TCP to be secured.
924,88457,816couchbase-idOverwrites the existing couchbase-model id implementation
1027,06757,816condoProvides signed upload signatures to your users browsers so they can upload directly to...
1128,86273,502ruby-svdSingular Value Decomposition with no dependency on GSL or LAPACK
1233,23229,654theraC++ Data Mining Library for Ruby
1344,31873,502yodelYodel CMS
1444,40273,502yodel_adminYodel CMS Admin Extension
1548,81173,502protomsgProtocol Message Buffers for C. This gem generates C socket code for reading and writin...
1651,47857,816yodel_development_environmentYodel Development Environment
1751,57073,502yodel_production_environmentYodel Production Environment Support
1851,75873,502yodel_shopYodel CMS Shop Extension
1951,87273,502yodel_blogYodel CMS Blog Extension
2051,97173,502yodel_queueYodel CMS Queue Extension
21107,14373,502ruby-graphmlRuby GraphML Parser