Mschnitzer's Gems

#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
11,4251,700exception_notificationException notification for Rails apps
228,79411,886sortablejs-railsA gem that provides the SortableJS library to Rails's asset pipeline.
357,47231,463lightbox2This gem for Ruby on Rails provides the lightbox2 library to Rails's asset pipeline.
481,02248,371open-build-service-apiThe Open Build Service API wrapped into a Ruby gem.
589,91848,371teamspeak3An OOP library to query and manage TeamSpeak 3 servers in Ruby.
6133,290136,605dbtoepub(this program was not developed by the gem creator) This program converts DocBook docu...
7142,35777,462hostrado-apiA library to communicate with the Hostrado API server.
8167,01198,702githubgo2rpmThis program converts golang libraries from github to a rpm spec file.
9169,65398,702teamspeak5A TeamSpeak 5 Query API in Ruby.