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#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
12,0763,613avro-patchesPatches for the official Apache Avro Ruby implementation
22,1314,974avro-builderRuby DSL to create Avro schemas
32,1576,315avromaticGenerate Ruby models from Avro schemas
42,1783,847avro-resolution_canonical_formUnique identification of Avro schemas for schema resolution
53,4812,466goldiloaderAutomatically eager loads Rails associations as associations are traversed
610,6808,148omniauth-multi-providerOmniAuth support for multiple providers of an authentication strategy
711,3083,832delayed_job_worker_poolWorker process pooling for Delayed Job
812,56714,701delayed_job_groups_pluginAggregates Delayed::Job jobs into groups with group level management and lifecycle call...
914,26315,063delayed_job_heartbeat_pluginDelayed::Job plugin to unlock jobs from dead workers
1015,0187,134safer_rails_consoleThis gem makes Rails console sessions less dangerous in specified environments by warni...
1117,7155,250salsify_rubocopShared shared RuboCop configuration
1219,7295,667arc-furnaceAn ETL library for Ruby that performs the basic actions of ETL: extract, transform, and...
1321,24418,864omniauth-multi-provider-samlAn extension to omniauth-saml for handling multiple identity providers
1430,0715,335heroku_rails_deploySimple deployment of Rails app to Heroku
1534,98629,421rails_multitenantHandles multiple tenants in a Rails environment
1636,78037,463avro-salsify-forkAvro is a data serialization and RPC format. This release contains the changes submitte...
1752,53721,695offline-sortOffline sort for any enumerable with pluggable serialization strategies
18141,44137,463salsify-data_migrateRake tasks to migrate data alongside schema changes.