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#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
12,2052,099defaceDeface is a library that allows you to customize ERB, Haml and Slim views in a Rails ap...
23,5203,077spree_coreSpree Models, Helpers, Services and core libraries
33,5543,104spreeA complete open source e-commerce solution with multi-store, multi-currency and multi-l...
43,5653,129spree_apiSpree's API
53,6733,447spree_sampleOptional package containing example data of products, stores, shipping methods, categor...
63,8083,857spree_cmdSpree Commerce command line interface
73,8263,806spree_backendAdmin Dashboard for Spree eCommerce platform
83,9273,927spree_frontendThe default Storefront built with Rails and Turbo/Hotwire for Spree eCommerce platform
94,3416,558spree_extensionCommon tools and helpers for Spree Extensions developers
104,6876,696spree_auth_deviseProvides authentication and authorization services for use with Spree by using Devise a...
114,9656,381spree_gatewayAdditional Payment Gateways for Spree Commerce
128,0587,783spree_promoRequired dependency for Spree
138,0947,755spree_dashRequired dependency for Spree
149,39511,886spree_authRequired dependency for Spree
1510,7767,604spree_i18nProvides locale information for use in Spree.
1611,6555,148spree_emailsOptional transactional emails for Spree such as Order placed or Shipment notification e...
1714,72112,479spree_dev_toolsSpree Developer Tools
1814,7304,990spree_cliSpree Commerce command line interface
1917,70214,344spree_analytics_trackersSupports Google Analytics
2029,86333,627spree_static_contentExtention to manage the static pages for your Spree shop.
2130,84029,683spree_address_bookAdds address book for users to Spree
2234,61043,231spree_editorAtm supported: YUIRichEditor, WYMEditor, TinyMCE
2336,21919,881spree_multi_vendorSpree Commerce multi vendor marketplace extension
2462,51754,945spree_multi_domainMultiple Spree stores on different domains - single unified backed for processing orders.
2573,70464,371spree_socialAdds social network login services (OAuth) to Spree
2687,12577,462spree_related_productsAllows multiple types of relationships between products to be defined
2791,41877,462spree_volume_pricingAllow prices to be configured in quantity ranges for each variant
28102,58798,702spree_email_to_friendSpree extension to send product recommendations to friends
29107,53198,702spree_wishlistAdd wishlists to Spree
30110,62664,371spree_avatax_officialThe new officially supported Avalara AvaTax extension for Spree Commerce using Avalara ...
31115,19398,702spree_active_shippingSpree extension for providing shipping methods that wrap the active_shipping plugin.
32117,54698,702spree_commentsComments for orders and shipments
33118,67577,462spree_braintree_vzeroOfficial Braintree + PayPal for Spree Commerce
34123,34798,702spree_product_assemblyAdds oportunity to make bundle of products to your Spree store