Yogeshjain999's Gems

#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
1156167representableRenders and parses JSON/XML/YAML documents from and to Ruby objects. Includes plain pro...
21,7672,224disposableDecorators on top of your ORM layer.
31,8782,265reformForm object decoupled from models.
41,9272,109declarative-builderGeneric builder pattern.
52,9723,300trailblazer-operationTrailblazer's operation object.
63,381645trailblazer-optionWrap an option at compile-time and `call` it at runtime, which allows to have the commo...
73,7663,587trailblazer-activityRuntime code for Trailblazer activities.
83,7963,582trailblazer-contextArgument-specific data structures for Trailblazer such as Context, Option and Container...
93,9193,817trailblazer-macroMacros for Trailblazer's operation
104,7373,693trailblazer-activity-dsl-linearSimple DSL to define Trailblazer activities with arbitrary wirings.
114,9953,774trailblazer-developerDeveloper tools for Trailblazer: debugger, tracing, visual editor integration.
1220,48326,487trailblazer-testAssertions, matchers, and helpers to test Trailblazer code.