Amckinnell's Gems

#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
118,90115,939autocomplete_forModel-side logic for autocompleting belongs_to associations
220,48526,654nulogy-fitter-happiersend bug reports to
321,12326,654screengemRuby implementation of the Screengem Pattern.
424,78131,885tdcA simple framework for creating a Test Data Catalog
529,88224,817nucopNulogy's implementation of RuboCop, including custom cops and additional tooling.
630,83658,638nutrellaA command line tool for creating a Trello Board based on the current git branch.
733,11523,390nulogy_graphql_apiStandard tooling for building GraphQL apis
843,50531,885normalize_line_endingsConverts \r\n characters to \n for attributes on ActiveModel-like entities.
950,39428,766time_intervalsLibrary for doing operations on collections of time intervals.
10127,67236,352callgraphyA command line tool for creating a call graph for a target class.