Btm's Gems

#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
1561477ohaiOhai profiles your system and emits JSON
2617375mixlib-shelloutRun external commands on Unix or Windows
3709396mixlib-cliA simple mixin for CLI interfaces, including option parsing
4769408mixlib-configA class based configuration library
5771445mixlib-logA gem that provides a simple mixin for log functionality
6818517mixlib-installA library for interacting with Chef Software Inc's software distribution systems.
7866985chefA systems integration framework, built to bring the benefits of configuration managemen...
8917958mixlib-authenticationMixes in simple per-request authentication
91,021944chef-zeroSelf-contained, easy-setup, fast-start in-memory Chef server for testing and solo setup...
101,032453ffi-yajlRuby FFI wrapper around YAJL 2.x
111,094460libyajl2Installs a vendored copy of libyajl2 for distributions which lack it
121,3632,399varia_modelA mixin to provide objects with magic attribute reading and writing
131,3672,404buff-extensionsExtensions to Core Ruby classes
141,3752,419buff-shell_outA mixin for issuing shell commands and collecting the output
151,3792,409buff-ruby_engineA mixin for querying the platform running Ruby
161,3822,415buff-configA simple configuration class
171,4132,395buff-ignoreParse ignore files with Ruby
181,447970mixlib-archiveA simple interface to various archive formats
191,522752artifactoryA Ruby client for Artifactory
201,5381,684solveA Ruby version constraint solver
211,5591,896berkshelfManages a Chef cookbook's dependencies
222,1272,276minitest-chef-handlerRun minitest suites after your Chef recipes to check the status of your system.
232,4204,948berkshelf-api-clientAPI Client for communicating with a Berkshelf API server
242,5512,657knife-aclKnife plugin to manupulate Chef server access control lists
252,5814,055win32-processThe win32-process library implements several Process methods that are either unimpl...
262,6972,896kitchen-inspecA Test Kitchen Verifier for InSpec
272,8402,077license_scoutDiscovers license files of a project's dependencies.
283,2774,269dep_selectorGiven packages, versions, and a dependency graph, find a valid assignment of package ve...
293,3164,385win32-serviceThe win32-service library provides a Ruby interface to services on MS Windows. You ...
303,3486,187dep-selector-libgecodeInstalls a vendored copy of Gecode suitable for use with dep-selector
313,6134,401knife-ec2Amazon EC2 Support for Chef's Knife Command
323,6905,388win32-securityThe win32-security library provides an interface for dealing with security related ...
333,9265,103cheffishA set of Chef resources for configuring Chef Infra.
343,9286,956win32-dirThe win32-dir library provides extra methods and constants for the builtin Dir clas...
353,9403,405cookstyleCookstyle is a code linting tool that helps you to write better Chef Infra cookbooks by...
364,24744,007chef-solrVendored Apache Solr for use with Chef Server
374,82915,388vagrant-omnibusA Vagrant plugin that ensures the desired version of Chef is installed via the platform...
384,8663,747appbundlerExtracts a dependency solution from bundler's Gemfile.lock to speed gem activation
394,8816,247win32-eventlogThe win32-eventlog library provides an interface to the MS Windows event log. Event...
404,9916,078ffi-win32-extensionsThe ffi-win32-extensions library adds additional methods to the FFI and String clas...
415,01710,079em-winrmEventMachine based, asynchronous parallel WinRM client
425,0902,547cookbook-omnifetchLibrary code to fetch Chef cookbooks from a variety of sources to a local cache
435,3178,415vagrant-berkshelfA Vagrant plugin to add Berkshelf integration to the Chef provisioners
445,3945,210chefstyleRuboCop configuration for Chef's ruby projects
455,5044,286omnibusOmnibus is a framework for building self-installing, full-stack software builds.
465,5573,665gcewinpassReset a password on a Google Compute Engine instance running Windows.
475,6814,171appbundle-updaterUpdates appbundled apps in Chef's omnibus packages
485,72111,310chef-provisioningA library for creating machines and infrastructures idempotently in Chef.
495,8512,466chef-cleanroomRuby is an excellent programming language for creating and managing custom DSLs, but ho...
505,85944,007chef-server-apiA systems integration framework, built to bring the benefits of configuration managemen...
515,92444,007chef-server-webuiA systems integration framework, built to bring the benefits of configuration managemen...
526,15044,007chef-serverA meta-gem to install all server components of the Chef configuration management system
536,2356,429win32-ipcThe win32-ipc library provides the Win32::IPC class. This is meant to serve as an a...
546,2456,649win32-taskschedulerThe win32-taskscheduler library provides an interface to the MS Windows Task Schedu...
556,26644,007knife-reportingKnife plugin for Opscode Reporting. Adds two new commands 'knife runs show' and 'knife...
566,5166,747win32-eventThe win32-event library provides an interface to Windows event objects. An event ob...
577,2426,864win32-mmapThe win32-mmap library provides an interface for memory mapped IO on MS Windows.
587,2616,864win32-mutexThe win32-mutex library provides an interface for creating mutex objects on MS Wind...
597,29444,007chef-expanderA systems integration framework, built to bring the benefits of configuration managemen...
607,31416,190chef-provisioning-awsProvisioner for creating aws containers in Chef Provisioning.
617,55016,422community_cookbook_releaserA simple script in gem form for releasing chef managed community cookbooks.
627,83610,513chef-dkA streamlined development and deployment workflow for Chef platform.
638,08327,929knife-essentialsUniversal knife verbs that work with your Chef repository
648,4375,678win32-certstoreRuby library for accessing the certificate stores on Windows.
658,51710,948chef-provisioning-sshProvisioner for managing servers using ssh in Chef Provisioning.
668,76110,447winrm-sGem that extends the functionality of the WinRM gem to support the Microsoft Negotiate ...
678,8349,185win32-file-statThe win32-file-stat library provides a custom File::Stat class specifically tailore...
688,99344,007compat_resourceBring some new features of Chef 12.5 to previous 12.X releases
699,0219,576win32-fileThe win32-file library adds several methods to the core File class which are specif...
709,14212,267win32-clipboardThe win32-clipboard library provides an interface for interacting with the Windows ...
719,33017,905knife-pushKnife plugin for Chef Push Jobs
729,49130,167knife-rackspaceRackspace Support for Chef's Knife Command
7311,46744,007buff-platformA mixin for querying the platform running Ruby
7411,47213,934knife-opcKnife Tools for Chef Server
7512,4155,815chef-binChef-branded binstubs for chef-client
7612,66220,846chef-provisioning-fogDriver for creating Fog instances in Chef Provisioning.
7712,87744,007knife-openstackA Chef Infra knife plugin for OpenStack clouds.
7813,00921,310knife-ec-backupBackup and Restore of Enterprise Chef
7913,2019,026knife-supermarketKnife support for interacting with Chef Supermarkets
8013,53428,880berkshelf-apiBerkshelf dependency API server
8113,57519,510knife-cloudknife-cloud plugin
8213,86312,727win32-soundThe win32-sound library provides an interface for playing various sounds on MS Wind...
8313,99416,683winrm-transport[DEPRECATED] Please use the WinRM gem instead. WinRM transport logic for re-using remot...
8414,33844,007r-trainThis gem is deprecated in favor of train.
8514,59514,738win32-sapiThe win32-sapi library provides an interface to the MS Windows sound interface, oth...
8615,09636,419kitchen-nodesA Test Kitchen Provisioner for Chef Nodes
8715,21144,007knife-azureA plugin to the Chef knife tool for creating instances on the Microsoft Azure platform
8815,67444,007busser-bashA Busser runner plugin for testing bash scripts
8915,87712,267win32-pipeThe win32-pipe library provides an interface for named pipes on Windows. A named pi...
9018,19044,007busser-minitestA Busser runner plugin for the minitest testing library
9118,7828,794chef-infra-apiA tiny Chef Infra API client with minimal dependencies
9218,9597,919vmware-vraClient gem for interacting with VMware vRealize Automation.
9319,09315,173win32-shortcutThe win32-shortcut library provides an interface for creating new Windows shortcuts...
9421,59244,007chef-provisioning-vagrantDriver for creating Vagrant instances in Chef Provisioning.
9521,70012,495win32-file-securityThe win32-file-security library adds security related methods to the core File clas...
9622,77739,492chef-reportingBackport of Chef Reporting handler for Chef < 11.6.0
9723,39028,880berkflowA CLI for managing Chef Environments using Berkshelf and the Environment Cookbook Pattern.
9824,02739,492chef-provisioning-dockerProvisioner for creating Docker containers in Chef Provisioning.
9924,22815,173win32-semaphoreThe win32-semaphore library provides an interface to semaphore objects on MS Window...
10024,52544,007chef-provisioning-azureThis is a driver that works with chef-provisioning that allows Chef Provisioning to man...
10127,36321,769win32-changenotifyThe win32-changenotify library provides an interface for monitoring changes in file...
10228,35324,285chef_backupA library to backup a Chef Server
10329,77444,007knife-blueboxChef knife plugin for Blue Box
10430,83314,738kitchen-vraA Test Kitchen driver for VMware vRealize Automation (vRA)
10534,30623,662knife-vrealizeChef Infra Knife plugin to interact with VMware vRealize.
10637,17824,285kitchen-appbundle-updaterA Test Kitchen Driver for Appbundle-updater
10740,08517,905win32-file-attributesThe win32-file-attribute library adds several file attribute methods to the core Fi...
10842,91121,769passwordmaskerSmall Ruby class to store a password, but return masked characters for console output t...
10944,21917,905win32-jobThe win32-job library provides an interface for jobs (process groups) on MS Windows...
11045,49244,007omniauth-chefOmniAuth strategy for Chef
11146,04444,007knife-linodeLinode Support for Chef's Knife Command
11246,51630,167win32-changejournalThe win32-changejournal library provides an interface for MS Windows change journ...
11348,36444,007knife-hpHP Cloud Services Cloud support for Chef's Knife command
11448,44044,007knife-eucalyptusEucalyptus Cloud Support for Chef's Knife Command
11551,67444,007knife-maasA knife plugin to interact with MAAS
11655,8119,283chef-stoveA utility for releasing Chef Infra cookbooks
11761,98544,007chef-provisioning-vraA Chef Provisioning driver for VMware vRealize Automation (vRA)
11864,97544,007chef-provisioning-lxcProvisioner for creating LXC containers in Chef Provisioning.
11965,94123,662chef_fixieLow level manipulation tool for Chef Server 12 and later
12069,80744,007berkshelf-bzrA Berkshelf plugin that adds support for downloading Chef cookbooks from Bazaar locations.
12177,80444,007knife-vcairVMware vcair support for Chef's Knife command
12283,59823,662win32-dirmonitorThe win32-dirmonitor library provides a way to asynchronously monitor changes to fi...
12385,94844,007knife-analyticsKnife plugin for the Chef analytics platform.
12485,98644,007knife-oraclecloudKnife plugin to interact with Oracle Cloud.
12596,69344,007kitchen-oraclecloudA Test Kitchen driver for Oracle Cloud
126102,96144,007kitchen-vcairA Test Kitchen vCloud Air driver
127106,35944,007oraclecloudClient gem for interacting with the Oracle Cloud API.
128109,37944,007knife-terremarkTerremark Cloud Support for Chef's Knife Command
129119,74744,007chef-analyticsA Chef analytics API client with minimal dependencies
130119,86244,007kitchen-vroA Test Kitchen driver for VMware vRealize Orchestrator (vRO)
131131,91830,167windows-cngThe windows-cng library is a wrapper for the next generation Windows cryptography API.
132151,34344,007chef-community-zeroSelf-contained, easy-setup, fast-start in-memory Chef Community Site for testing.