Wealthsimple's Gems

#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
17,7467,992phemeRuby AWS SNS publisher + SQS poller & message handler
27,8855,915ws-styleShared config to enforce Ruby style consistently across Wealthsimple services.
38,6568,849string-obfuscatorRuby utility for obfuscating strings, with no dependencies.
410,9469,500big_decimal_inspectReadable BigDecimal#inspect output
512,8987,896rubocop-vendorA collection of RuboCop cops to check for vendor integration in Ruby code.
617,1539,147pii_safe_schemaSchema migration tool for checking and adding comments on PII columns.
717,93617,269static_collectionRubygem for running basic queries against static data.
819,02747,643rubocop-migrationRuboCop extension to catch common pitfalls in ActiveRecord migrations.
919,46432,144rspec-argumentsAllows parameter passing to implicit RSpec subjects. It also adds support for implicit ...
1025,39811,245rollbar-apiRubygem for accessing Rollbar's full REST and RQL APIs.
1125,70147,643sinatra-rake-routesRake command for printing out all defined routes in Sinatra applications
1248,39433,129frb-participantsRubygem for querying Federal Reserve Banks' Fedwire & FedACH participants
1397,86322,132cusip_style_luhn_mod_nCUSIP-style luhn mod N
14156,44851,265wealthsimpleWealthsimple rubygem placeholder.
15159,33551,265graphql-mockProvides a GraphQL mock server that allows testing client request against a provided sc...