Notime's Gems

#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
11,8132,052apipie-railsRails REST API documentation tool
22,1214,429rbovirtA Ruby client for oVirt REST API
35,38010,900dynflowRuby workflow/orchestration engine
45,99311,229apipie-paramsAllows defining structure of data and perform validation against it using json-schema
56,1539,964foreman-tasksThe goal of this plugin is to unify the way of showing task statuses across the Foreman...
66,98814,416kafoIf you write puppet modules for installing your software, you can use kafo to create po...
78,81612,995foreman_remote_executionA plugin bringing remote execution to the Foreman, completing the config management fun...
89,7337,737foreman_maintainProvides various features that helps keeping the Foreman/Satellite up and running.
911,61916,648foreman-tasks-coreCommon code used both at Forman and Foreman proxy regarding tasks
1018,53514,798smart_proxy_dynflowUse the Dynflow inside Foreman smart proxy
1119,16614,990smart_proxy_remote_execution_sshSsh remote execution provider for Foreman Smart-Proxy
1219,22517,394foreman_remote_execution_coreSsh remote execution provider code sharable between Foreman and Foreman-Proxy
1320,02312,572hammer_cli_foreman_tasksContains the code for showing of the tasks (results and progress) in the Hammer CLI.
1424,98521,700smart_proxy_dynflow_coreUse the Dynflow inside Foreman smart proxy
1531,40510,900smart_proxy_ansibleSmart-Proxy ansible plugin
1631,49441,655foreman-katello-engineKatello specific parts of Foreman
1734,21313,335hammer_cli_foreman_remote_executionCLI for the Foreman remote execution plugin
1836,71941,655smart_proxy_dhcp_infobloxInfoblox DHCP provider plugin for Foreman's smart proxy
1942,84741,655katello_apiHelps you to use Katello's API calls from your app
2047,14541,655katello-foreman-engineForeman specific parts in Katello
2150,28641,655restapiMaintain your API documentation up to date!
2257,64941,655smart_proxy_dns_infobloxInfoblox DNS provider plugin for Foreman's smart proxy
2365,07129,434smart_proxy_remote_execution_ssh_coreSsh remote execution provider for Foreman Smart-Proxy
2475,05541,655active_docDSL for executable documentation of your code.
2577,34941,655gem-nice-installA RubyGems plugin that improves gem installation user experience. If binary extension b...