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154061-154080 of all 156,530 gems.
154,055389edifunctEdifunct provides an easy way to structurally parse an EDIFACT file based on a simple s...
154,055389share-linkCreate shareable links
154,055389fast-tcpnYou can model your Timed Colored Petri Net in Ruby using convenient DSL and simulate it...
154,055389embulk-input-gmailLoads records from Gmail.
154,055389cdon_feed_validatorValidate CDON XML feeds
154,055389omniauth-yoyowOfficial OmniAuth strategy for yoyow.
154,055389enkripEnkrip will encrypt & decrypt Active Record attributes seamlessly with Message Encrypto...
154,055389HaA well behaved CLI for controlling Philips Hue and other home automation devices.
154,055389vta_view_toolAt the momment it can only build a copyright.
154,055389lita-doubler-iamarmanjonDoubles numbers - simple demo skill
154,055389himekoAWS IAM access key self service & management console federated login
154,055389caseblocksThis rubygem does not have a description or summary.
154,055389get_view_nameGet rendered view name not action
154,055389shitty_developer_simulatorWant to know what it's like to have me in your dev team? This gem is for you!
154,055389treasure-gameIntro to Ruby course covering essential elements of language
154,055389jekyll_reveal_generatorGenerate a slide presentation that uses Jekyll and Reveal.js
154,055389matteryMatter is a great assistant for develop your web app, mac app and win app
154,078388fzyfzy is a fast fuzzy text selector with an advanced scoring algorithm
154,078388sensu-plugins-resticSensu restic plugins
154,078388circuit_patch_toolsTools for manipulating Novation Circuit patches