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159581-159600 of all 159,788 gems.
159,578155data_encryptorDataEncryptor is a simple wrapper for OpenSSL::Cipher to encrypt and decrypt objects.
159,582154solargraph-cookstyleCookstyle reporter for solargraph
159,584153rentdynamicsUsed to interact with the rentdynamics api
159,584153node_observer_intA NodeObserver library interface. Donations support continuous improvement and maintena...
159,586152mainbthemeFor my site
159,586152top50fintechsTop50fintechs Gem
159,586152node_observer_implA NodeObserver library implementation. Donations support continuous improvement and mai...
159,586152bluejamUse bluetooth speaker with bluez-alsa and snd-aloop
159,586152roda-oauthImplementation of the OAuth 2.0 protocol on top of rodauth.
159,586152rack-monetizeRack middleware to process Web Monetization API states
159,586152jfl_alarmesGem para integrar as centrais monitoradas da Empresa JFL Alarmes. A Primeira que esta s...
159,593151node_observerA NodeObserver library. Donations support continuous improvement and maintenance. The a...
159,593151rails-gz-cacheGzip for Rails cache
159,593151oct_td_factoryTest Data Factory.
159,593151cocoapods-publishPublish a Podspec in a Specs repo without linting it ("pod repo push" without linting).
159,597150medieval_latinaThere are good text-to-speech engines for English and classical Latin, but none for med...
159,598149lli_compA LinkedListIterator composition. Composites the Interface and Implementation. Donation...
159,599148BytesCodeConvert instruction of binary in opcode
159,599148hashlyRuby library for ease of merging nested hashes recursively, diffing hashes, etc.