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161961-161980 of all 162,563 gems.
161,956178jekyll-theme-docsifyJust another documentation theme compatible with GitHub Pages, based on docsify
161,956178jinda_engineGenerate Rails workflow engine from mind map: Freemind
161,956178ipwebcam_sensor2020Fetches the motion and sound event data from the IP Webcam webserver API #Android #JSON...
161,956178kubectlipA command-line utility that gives the "native" interaction with applications on Kuberne...
161,956178logical_fridayThis gem add methods that return if logical friday to Date class.
161,966177huginn_elks46_phone_call_agentMake phone calls with various features from Huginn using
161,966177lailsA simple rack-based web framework
161,966177zspecparallel rspec runner
161,969176faraday-net_httpFaraday adapter for Net::HTTP
161,969176navan_gemawesome_gem is the best
161,969176sensitive_word_filtersensitive word filter base on DFA
161,969176dapiRuby Library for Dapi Connect API.
161,969176motion-lagerFull featured logger for use in RubyMotion apps.
161,969176ruby-ambientA RubyGem library that can be used like the official python library
161,969176princeton_standard_libs-rubyA pure ruby port of the Princeton standard libraries.
161,976175aurisimo_palindromeLearn Enough Ruby palindrome detector.
161,976175api_football_v3A gem to connect to api-football v3,
161,976175blix-assetsBasic Routines for managing Compiled Assets
161,976175jalan-crawlerEmpower World Travel Information Technology
161,980174buulloA simple hello world gem