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164901-164920 of all 164,950 gems.
164,89591netcityAPI клиент для "Сетевого города". Он позволяет легко взаимодействовать с электронным дн...
164,89591poleA one-column minimal responsive Jekyll blog theme
164,90390rack_content_type_defaultRack Middleware for setting content type when not provided
164,90390simple_capturePacket capture tool made only with Ruby.
164,90589google-cloud-video-transcoderThe Transcoder API allows you to convert video files and package them for optimized del...
164,90589google-cloud-org_policyThe Cloud Org Policy service provides a simple mechanism for organizations to restrict ...
164,90589google-cloud-domainsThe Cloud Domains API provides registration, management and configuration of domain names.
164,90589mini_tarballA minimal implementation of the GNU Tar format.
164,90988google-cloud-profilerCloud Profiler is a statistical, low-overhead profiler that continuously gathers CPU us...
164,90988google-area120-tablesUsing the Area 120 Tables API, you can query for tables, and update/create/delete rows ...
164,90988nl-fast_pngA fast libpng-based compressor for black and white images.
164,91287google-cloud-dataqnaData QnA is a natural language question and answer service for BigQuery data.
164,91386ND_Studio_Game_CourseworkThis is an application made for The Pragmatic Studio's Ruby Programming course, as des...
164,91386nl-knd_clientClient library for Nitrogen Logic's Kinect data server, KND (use Git directly for insta...
164,91386makefileMakefile parser
164,91682ruby_graphA simple graph-library for ruby
164,91781fluent-plugin-influxdb-deduplicationFilter plugin for deduplicating records for influxdb
164,91880datadog-lambda-rubyThis is a placeholder, you should use the datadog-lambda package instead.