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172721-172740 of all 172,817 gems.
172,721153openstax_authProvides utilities to get user information from cookies within OpenStax Ruby apps.
172,721153jira_adfSimple builder for making Atlassian Document Format (ADF) look neat in Ruby.
172,721153yamlscriptProgram in YAML
172,721153truflowTruflow gives you the power to create workflows (DAGs) of ActiveJob jobs of any topology.
172,721153even_oddTo display whether a number is even or odd
172,721153rchilli_rubyRchilli is used to parse documents like resumes.
172,727152ingy-preludeIngy döt Net's Standard Prelude
172,727152templatyRails template generator.
172,727152mycroA micro framework for service layer code.
172,730151deep_cloneable_checkedUse this gem to enforce all associations are explicitly cloned or excluded with deep_clone
172,731150containersManage local development environments with Docker
172,731150payment_methodsWrite a longer description or delete this line.
172,733148utility_colorsCreates all the color palettes classes you need from your colors
172,733148tefojiFrom a YAML specification, create a batch of Jira issues allowing for variable substitu...
172,733148arkana-bitriseStore your keys and secrets away from your source code. Designed for Android and iOS pr...
172,733148vmpooler-provider-ec2EC2 provider for VMPooler
172,733148validic_apiAPI Wrapper for Validic API v2
172,738147bogofilterA simple library written in Ruby language to detect spam built around bogofilter execut...
172,739146rubocop-getninjasWrite a longer description or delete this line.
172,739146affiliation_idTrack requests by affiliating them with an uniq id.