Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
61-80 of all 148,587 gems.
6176,379celluloid-ioEvented IO for Celluloid actors
6274,293http-cookieHTTP::Cookie is a Ruby library to handle HTTP Cookies based on RFC 6265. It has with s...
6374,222rubyziprubyzip is a ruby module for reading and writing zip files
6473,807sprockets-railsSprockets Rails integration
6573,661unicode-display_width[Unicode 11.0.0] Determines the monospace display width of a string using EastAsianWidt...
6673,532rails-html-sanitizerHTML sanitization for Rails applications
6769,677globalidURIs for your models makes it easy to pass references around.
6868,371rack-protectionProtect against typical web attacks, works with all Rack apps, including Rails.
6968,264mini_mimeA lightweight mime type lookup toy
7068,136exconEXtended http(s) CONnections
7167,882state_machinesAdds support for creating state machines for attributes on any Ruby class
7267,259execjsExecJS lets you run JavaScript code from Ruby.
7366,807uglifierUglifier minifies JavaScript files by wrapping UglifyJS to be accessible in Ruby
7466,712ruby-progressbarRuby/ProgressBar is an extremely flexible text progress bar library for Ruby. The outpu...
7565,948redisA Ruby client that tries to match Redis' API one-to-one, while still providing an i...
7665,715celluloid-essentialsNotifications, Internals, Logging, Probe, and essential Celluloid pieces demanding Supe...
7765,309celluloid-supervisionSupervisors, Supervision Groups, and Supervision Trees for Celluloid.
7865,122netrcThis library can read and update netrc files, preserving formatting including comments ...
7965,117celluloid-poolAn implementation of an actor pool, based on the Celluloid concurrent object framework.
8065,053celluloid-fsmSimple finite state machines with integrated Celluloid timeout support.