Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
61-80 of all 150,045 gems.
6180,386rails-html-sanitizerHTML sanitization for Rails applications
6279,131jwtA pure ruby implementation of the RFC 7519 OAuth JSON Web Token (JWT) standard.
6377,444sprockets-railsSprockets Rails integration
6477,188netrcThis library can read and update netrc files, preserving formatting including comments ...
6576,677rubyziprubyzip is a ruby module for reading and writing zip files
6675,733rb-inotifyA Ruby wrapper for Linux inotify, using FFI
6774,640execjsExecJS lets you run JavaScript code from Ruby.
6874,294rb-fseventFSEvents API with Signals catching (without RubyCocoa)
6974,289rest-clientA simple HTTP and REST client for Ruby, inspired by the Sinatra microframework style of...
7074,229mini_mimeA lightweight mime type lookup toy
7173,630coderayFast and easy syntax highlighting for selected languages, written in Ruby. Comes with R...
7271,559pryAn IRB alternative and runtime developer console
7370,834exconEXtended http(s) CONnections
7470,185byebugByebug is a Ruby debugger. It's implemented using the TracePoint C API for executio...
7569,698unicode-display_width[Unicode 11.0.0] Determines the monospace display width of a string using EastAsianWidt...
7669,266uglifierUglifier minifies JavaScript files by wrapping UglifyJS to be accessible in Ruby
7766,124erubisErubis is an implementation of eRuby and has the following features: * Very fast, al...
7865,456multi_xmlProvides swappable XML backends utilizing LibXML, Nokogiri, Ox, or REXML.
7965,289crassCrass is a pure Ruby CSS parser based on the CSS Syntax Level 3 spec.
8065,148pumaPuma is a simple, fast, threaded, and highly concurrent HTTP 1.1 server for Ruby/Rack a...