Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
21-40 of all 300 gems.
2155ablabAblab - A/B testing on Rails
2254ab_adminSimple and real-life tested Rails::Engine admin interface
2346abstract_importerProvides services for the mass-import of complex relational data
2444AbsoluteRenamerAbsoluteRenamer is a very powerful tool that helps files and directories renaming using...
2444absa-h2hThe interface supports Account holder verifications, EFT payments, Debit orders, collec...
2444abn_searchA simple ABN search library for validating and obtaining ABN details from the Australia...
2741aasm-diagramAutomatically generate diagrams of AASM state machines.
2741abaloneSimply exposes a login shell to a web browser. This is currently nowhere near to pr...
2741absorb_apiThis gem provides a ruby wrapper for Absorb's LearningManagement System API.
2741abstractionAbstract classes for Ruby
3139abnf-parsingA Ruby library for implementing parsers specified with Augmented Backus Naur Form (ABNF).
3238a2zdeployAutomated Upgrades Gem. Provides version upgrades, build and deployment configuration m...
3337abcjs-railsDelivery of the abcjs javascript library.
3436abidAbid is a simple Workflow Engine based on Rake.
3436abilitiesAuthorization dsl to manage permissions in rails.
3635abiquo-apiSimple Abiquo API client
3635abhiyerra-refacebookReFacebook is a facebook library and Sinatra extension.
3635absolutizeURI Absolitizing parser
3934abstract_methodAbstract Method is a tiny library enabling you to define abstract methods in Ruby class...
4032aadharToken based authentication. To support backend authentication for ios, android, angular...