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RankDiffDaily RankTotal RankNameSummary
600+3168171terminal-tableSimple, feature rich ascii table generation library
600+39699faraday_middlewareVarious middleware for Faraday
603+2516518dogapiRuby bindings for Datadog's API
603+2580582twilio-rubyThe official library for communicating with the Twilio REST API, building TwiML, and ge...
603+21921thread_safeA collection of data structures and utilities to make thread-safe programming in Ruby e...
603+2204206rufus-schedulerJob scheduler for Ruby (at, cron, in and every jobs). Not a replacement for crond.
603+27981multi_xmlProvides swappable XML backends utilizing LibXML, Nokogiri, Ox, or REXML.
603+26668rack-protectionProtect against typical web attacks, works with all Rack apps, including Rails.
603+279multi_jsonA common interface to multiple JSON libraries, including Oj, Yajl, the JSON gem (with C...
603+24446actionviewSimple, battle-tested conventions and helpers for building web pages.
611+1179180octokitSimple wrapper for the GitHub API
611+1973974attr_requiredattr_required and attr_optional
611+11112jsonThis is a JSON implementation as a Ruby extension in C.
611+11011rakeRake is a Make-like program implemented in Ruby. Tasks and dependencies are specified i...