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Featured gems which are based on difference between daily rank and total rank.
21-40 of all 1,000 gems.
RankDiffDaily RankTotal RankNameSummary
21+1,5274061,933aws-sdk-neptuneOfficial AWS Ruby gem for Amazon Neptune. This gem is part of the AWS SDK for Ruby.
22+1,5134051,918aws-sdk-piOfficial AWS Ruby gem for AWS Performance Insights (AWS PI). This gem is part of the AW...
23+1,4418912,332amazon-pricingA Ruby library for retrieving pricing for Amazon Web Services
24+1,4218692,290global_settingsGem that provides an easy way to configure your app via ENV vars or yml files
25+1,4116772,088emoji_regexA pair of Ruby regular expressions for matching Unicode Emoji symbols.
26+1,3778442,221tender_hashTenderHash allows you to map hashes with ease. It offers a nice DSL to define the set o...
27+1,2969972,293google-cloud-tracegoogle-cloud-trace is the official library for Stackdriver Trace.
28+1,2816671,948google-cloud-logginggoogle-cloud-logging is the official library for Stackdriver Logging.
29+1,2771,0002,277google-cloud-error_reportinggoogle-cloud-error_reporting is the official library for Stackdriver Error Reporting.
30+1,2764021,678aws-sdk-iot1clickprojectsOfficial AWS Ruby gem for AWS IoT 1-Click Projects Service (AWS IoT 1-Click Projects). ...
31+1,2759482,223ruby-enumEnum-like behavior for Ruby.
32+1,2744031,677aws-sdk-iot1clickdevicesserviceOfficial AWS Ruby gem for AWS IoT 1-Click Devices Service. This gem is part of the AWS ...
33+1,2171841,401aws-eventstreamAmazon Web Services event stream library. Decodes and encodes binary stream under `vnd....
34+1,2099712,180fluent-plugin-concatFluentd Filter plugin to concat multiple event messages
35+1,1976471,844stackdriver-corestackdriver-core is an internal shared library for the Ruby Stackdriver integration lib...
36+1,1664661,632activestorageAttach cloud and local files in Rails applications.
37+1,1319882,119dig_rbArray/Hash/Struct#dig backfill for ruby
38+1,1248451,969bumpBump your gem version file
39+1,1006591,759dpl-scriptdeploy tool abstraction for clients
40+1,0994431,542marcelSimple mime type detection using magic numbers, filenames, and extensions