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Featured gems which are based on difference between daily rank and total rank.
21-40 of all 1,000 gems.
RankDiffDaily RankTotal RankNameSummary
21+2,3706963,066hubspot-rubyhubspot-ruby is a wrapper for the HubSpot REST API
22+2,2706382,908tty-spinnerA terminal spinner for tasks that have non-deterministic time frame.
23+2,2447302,974webpack-assetsWebpack Assets for Rails.
24+2,2347182,952io-extraAdds the IO.closefrom, IO.fdwalk, IO.pread, IO.pread_ptr, IO.pwrite, and IO.writev ...
25+2,2236882,911voight_kampffVoight-Kampff detects bots, spiders, crawlers and replicants
26+2,1496582,807tty-cursorThe purpose of this library is to help move the terminal cursor around and manipulate t...
26+2,1498653,014rubocop-gitlab-securityBasic security checking for Ruby files. A plugin for the RuboCop code style enforcing &...
28+2,1157102,825retina_tagThis gem overrides image_tag to support retina resolution images using asset pipeline
29+2,1086852,793net-http2NetHttp2 is an HTTP2 client for Ruby.
30+2,1066562,762strong_migrationsCatch unsafe migrations at dev time
31+2,0176812,698stoplightAn implementation of the circuit breaker pattern.
32+1,9496252,574semaphore_cucumber_booster_configInjects additional configuration for Cucumber so that it outputs JSON suitable for auto...
33+1,9296792,608http-2Pure-ruby HTTP 2.0 protocol implementation
34+1,9216222,543semaphore_test_boostersGem for auto-parallelizing builds across Semaphore jobs.
35+1,9066452,551elasticsearch-dslA Ruby DSL builder for Elasticsearch
36+1,9007482,648googleapis-common-protos-typesCommon protocol buffer types used by Google APIs
37+1,8606872,547levenshtein-ffiProvides a fast, cross-Ruby implementation of the levenshtein distance algorithm.
38+1,7526912,443globalize-accessorsDefine methods for accessing translated attributes
39+1,7504912,241aws-sdk-workmailOfficial AWS Ruby gem for Amazon WorkMail. This gem is part of the AWS SDK for Ruby.
40+1,7415992,340promise.rbPromises/A+ for Ruby