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Featured gems which are based on difference between daily rank and total rank.
21-40 of all 571 gems.
RankDiffDaily RankTotal RankNameSummary
21+1,2109512,161strings-ansiMethods for processing ANSI escape codes in strings.
22+1,1369672,103dry-auto_injectContainer-agnostic automatic constructor injection
23+1,1219452,066stringsA set of useful functions such as fold, truncate, wrap and more for transoforming strings.
24+1,1068771,983king_konfA simple configuration library
25+1,0809882,068ed25519A Ruby binding to the Ed25519 elliptic curve public-key signature system described in R...
26+1,0144391,453aws-sdk-managedblockchainOfficial AWS Ruby gem for Amazon Managed Blockchain (ManagedBlockchain). This gem is pa...
27+9966801,676extlz4unofficial ruby bindings for LZ4 .
27+9966811,677pmckee11-redis-lockDistributed lock using ruby redis
29+9836791,662pondA simple, generic, thread-safe pool for connections or whatever else
30+9626651,627desk_apiThis is a lightweight, flexible ruby gem to interact with the desk.com APIv2. It al...
31+9449541,898double-bag-ftpsProvides a child class of Net::FTP to support implicit and explicit FTPS.
32+9348991,833paper_trail-association_trackingPlugin for the PaperTrail gem to track and reify associations
33+8966771,573sendgrid-railsGem to extend ActionMailer with SendGrid API support
34+8776661,543devise-authyAuthy plugin to add two factor authentication to Devise.
35+8536581,511greaseGrease provides an adapter to use Tilt as extension of Sprockets 3 or later.
36+8146561,470aesAn AES encrypt/decrypt gem built ontop of OpenSSL. Not as quick as FastAES, but it doe...
37+8086711,479authorityAuthority helps you authorize actions in your Rails app. It's ORM-neutral and has very ...
38+8019111,712derailed_benchmarksGo faster, off the Rails
39+7999791,778lobLob API Ruby wrapper
40+7966401,436mongoid-paperclipEnables you to use Paperclip with the Mongoid ODM for MongoDB.