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21+1,9644202,384fluent-plugin-multi-format-parserMulti format parser plugin for Fluentd
22+1,9189012,819sinatra-paramsinatra-param allows you to declare, validate, and transform endpoint parameters as you...
23+1,8499542,803unix-cryptPerforms the UNIX crypt(3) algorithm using DES (standard 13 character passwords), MD5 (...
24+1,7966212,417fresolvLooks on different hosts file, to prevent local hosts resolving
25+1,6348202,454google_maps_serviceRuby gem for Google Maps Web Service APIs
26+1,6216932,314em_pessimisticEventMachine's built-in popen does not provide access to stderr. Likewise, it's Deferra...
26+1,6216902,311excon-middleware-aws-exponential_backoffExcon middleware to exponentially backoff calling AWS APIs when throttled or experienci...
28+1,6197752,394fluent-plugin-google-cloudFluentd plugins for the Stackdriver Logging API, which will make logs viewable in th...
29+1,6016822,283slackiqSlackiq (by MightySignal) integrates Slack and Sidekiq so that you can have vital infor...
30+1,5686952,263celluloid-pmapEasy Parallel Executing using Celluloid
31+1,5125012,013train-coreA minimal Train with a selected set of backends, ssh, winrm, and docker.
31+1,5124962,008inspec-coreCore InSpec, local support only. See `inspec` for full support.
33+1,4939602,453rcredstashA Ruby port of CredStash
34+1,4798702,349sinatra-cross_originCross Origin Resource Sharing helper for Sinatra
35+1,4416802,121route53Provides CRUD and list operations for records and zones as part of Amazon's Route 53 se...
36+1,4267512,177vhdThis rubygem does not have a description or summary.
37+1,4157592,174azure_mgmt_dnsMicrosoft Azure Dns Management Client Library for Ruby
38+1,4077572,164azure_mgmt_sqlMicrosoft Azure SQL Management Client Library for Ruby
39+1,3955891,984azure_mgmt_key_vaultMicrosoft Azure Resource Management Key Vault Client Library for Ruby
40+1,3827572,139azure_mgmt_traffic_managerMicrosoft Azure Traffic Management Client Library for Ruby