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961-980 of all 1,000 gems.

RankDiffDaily RankTotal RankNameSummary
961-348617269puppetPuppet, an automated configuration management tool
962-350622272fastercsvFasterCSV is intended as a complete replacement to the CSV standard library. It is sign...
963-354564210columnizeIn showing a long lists, sometimes one would prefer to see the value arranged aligned i...
964-359961602escape_utilsQuickly perform HTML, URL, URI and Javascript escaping/unescaping
965-360776416cucumber-railsCucumber Generator and Runtime for Rails
966-362817455ruby2rubyruby2ruby provides a means of generating pure ruby code easily from RubyParser compatib...
967-368805437RedClothTextile parser for Ruby.
968-373923550originOrigin is a simple DSL for generating MongoDB selectors and options
969-381813432monetaA unified interface to key/value stores
970-382703321passengerA modern web server and application server for Ruby, Python and Node.js, optimized for ...
971-384770386restforceA lightweight ruby client for the Salesforce REST API.
972-38546681activeresourceREST on Rails. Wrap your RESTful web app with Ruby classes and work with them like Acti...
973-396529133rack-sslRack middleware to force SSL/TLS.
974-409909500coverallsA Ruby implementation of the Coveralls API.
975-411736325log4rSee also:
976-420735315mixlib-configA class based configuration library
977-421723302mixlib-logA gem that provides a simple mixin for log functionality
978-430605175bcrypt-rubybcrypt() is a sophisticated and secure hash algorithm designed by The OpenBSD project ...
979-432582150journeyJourney is a router. It routes requests.
980-436907471hipchatRuby library to interact with HipChat