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Featured gems which are based on difference between daily rank and total rank.
961-980 of all 1,000 gems.
RankDiffDaily RankTotal RankNameSummary
960-378975597jasmine-coreTest your JavaScript without any framework dependencies, in any environment, and with a...
962-380526146rack-cacheRack::Cache is suitable as a quick drop-in component to enable HTTP caching for Rack-ba...
963-381637256facterYou can prove anything with facts!
963-38144160hikeA Ruby library for finding files in a set of paths.
965-387913526commonjsHost CommonJS JavaScript environments in Ruby
966-388699311puppetPuppet, an automated configuration management tool
966-388511123json_pureThis is a JSON implementation in pure Ruby.
968-390813423restforceA lightweight ruby client for the Salesforce REST API.
968-39047282treetopA Parsing Expression Grammar (PEG) Parser generator DSL for Ruby
970-392765373extlibSupport library for Merb
970-392717325executable-hooksHook into rubygems executables allowing extra actions to be taken before executable is ...
972-393897504rablGeneral ruby templating with json, bson, xml and msgpack support
973-397909512libxml-rubyThe Libxml-Ruby project provides Ruby language bindings for the GNOME Libxml2 XML t...
974-400906506lessInvoke the Less CSS compiler from Ruby
975-402893491omniauth-oauthA generic OAuth (1.0/1.0a) strategy for OmniAuth.
976-404767363log4rSee also: http://logging.apache.org/log4j
976-404889485monetaA unified interface to key/value stores
976-404861457cucumber-railsCucumber Generator and Runtime for Rails
979-414989575chef-zeroSelf-contained, easy-setup, fast-start in-memory Chef server for testing and solo setup...
980-416733317bundler-unloadAllow unloading bundler after Bundler.load