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Most downloads over all time
21-40 of all 146,541 gems.
8,61863,414aboutyou-sdkUse the Ruby SDK to build apps for the ABOUT YOU platform.
8,91960,349abiquo-installer-testsTests and troubleshoot Abiquo installations
9,13258,562absee.ab1 reader / ABIF reader; extracts the peak indexes, called sequence, quality scores, ...
9,34756,784abna (very) small library for working with Australian Business Numbers.
9,45255,827abstractionAbstract classes for Ruby
9,48855,495ab_panelRun A/B test experiments on your Rails 4+ site using Mixpanel as a backend.
9,58754,652absa-notify-meThis is just a rapidly prototyped proof of concept gem for bankserv gem and those ...
10,02851,612abstract_interfaceAbstract Interface for the Crystal Framework
10,03351,586a2zRuby DSL for Amazon Product Advertising API
10,18750,537aavkontakte-rails3Vkontakte authorization for authlogic with ruby 1.9 and rails 3.0
10,21750,294abcjs-railsDelivery of the abcjs javascript library.
11,16344,675a15745105_ichinokibmi_cal_ichinoki(kg, cm) ex)bmi_cal_ichinoki(85.0, 175.5)
11,31243,943abracadabraAbracadabra: The gem that swaps out text with a fully-compliant Rails form in one click...
11,53042,945absentee_camperMonitors a Campfire room for @mentions, and emails the @mentioned user with the message...
12,13240,185abstractedAbstracted has a lot of inspiration from gems like resources_controller by Ian White!
12,19939,924abn_searchA simple ABN search library for validating and obtaining ABN details from the Australia...
12,31339,388abrtProvides ABRT reporting support for libraries/applications written using Ruby.
12,75537,737abaABA (Australian Bankers Association) File Generator
12,85737,295abacus_countActiveRecord::Base#count and other calculations as subqueries. Instead of nice Rails gr...