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Most downloads over all time
61-80 of all 150,062 gems.
6191,865,553net-sshNet::SSH: a pure-Ruby implementation of the SSH2 client protocol. It allows you to writ...
6291,740,738rubygems-bundlerStop using bundle exec. Integrate Rubygems and Bundler. Make rubygems generate bundler ...
6391,056,371rails-html-sanitizerHTML sanitization for Rails applications
6491,046,672jmespathImplements JMESPath for Ruby
6590,594,484globalidURIs for your models makes it easy to pass references around.
6686,523,360rubyziprubyzip is a ruby module for reading and writing zip files
6784,210,673rack-protectionProtect against typical web attacks, works with all Rack apps, including Rails.
6883,305,564redisA Ruby client that tries to match Redis' API one-to-one, while still providing an i...
6982,100,461eventmachineEventMachine implements a fast, single-threaded engine for arbitrary network communicat...
7081,131,859rb-fseventFSEvents API with Signals catching (without RubyCocoa)
7180,934,594netrcThis library can read and update netrc files, preserving formatting including comments ...
7280,391,892sinatraSinatra is a DSL for quickly creating web applications in Ruby with minimal effort.
7377,975,069exconEXtended http(s) CONnections
7477,897,757rb-inotifyA Ruby wrapper for Linux inotify, using FFI
7577,511,175unf_extUnicode Normalization Form support library for CRuby
7677,350,802mime-types-datamime-types-data provides a registry for information about MIME media type definitions. ...
7776,839,615domain_nameThis is a Domain Name manipulation library for Ruby. It can also be used for cookie do...
7876,410,248unfThis is a wrapper library to bring Unicode Normalization Form support to Ruby/JRuby.
7975,759,420multi_xmlProvides swappable XML backends utilizing LibXML, Nokogiri, Ox, or REXML.
8075,355,822slopA DSL for gathering options and parsing command line flags