Ebook Gems

#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
15,3467,835gepubgepub is a generic EPUB parser/generator. Generates and parse EPUB2 and EPUB3
211,23212,724reviewRe:VIEW is a digital publishing system for books and ebooks. It supports InDesign, EPUB...
314,26340,310bookshopbookshop is an agile book publishing framework for building pdf and (e)books using HTML...
414,61512,932asciidoctor-epub3An extension for Asciidoctor that converts AsciiDoc documents to EPUB3 e-book format.
519,16424,456eeepubEeePub is a Ruby ePub generator.
627,43940,310git-scribegit-scribe is a workflow tool for starting, writing, reviewing and publishing multipl...
745,86016,300asciidoctor-fb2Converts AsciiDoc documents to FB2 e-book formats
851,47615,758fb2rbFiction Book 2 parser/generator library
951,98324,456mobiMobi is a Rubygem that allows you to easily read MOBI e-book format metadata.