Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
161921-161940 of all 162,545 gems.
34,5410peek-env_varsTake a peek into the ENV vars of your Rails application.
34,5410hash-to-conditionsThe HashToConditions gem provides an easy way to build ActiveRecord Array conditions di...
34,5410gooaImplementation of server-side google analytics tracking.
34,5410blazemeterProvide BlazeMeter functions as CLI
34,5410bindlebindle is a server and development environment provisioning tool. Using Chef, Vagrant, ...
34,5410yolo_backupyolo_backup allows you to create incremental backups of multiple servers using rsync ov...
34,5410url_scrubberRemove extraneous bits from URLs, follow redirects, identify social media urls, etc.
34,5410texugo-engineDo you ever wanted to create your own text-based game? Use this engine or die trying.
34,5410tax_codeTaxCode scans git commit history and calculates maintenance tax for each file
34,5410sinatra-exstatic-assetsHelpers for writing the HTML and caching of static assets. A fork of Sinatra Static Ass...
34,5410ruby-callbacksmodule Callbackable allows to add callbacks before and after methods
34,5410redstackA Ruby binding for the OpenStack API
34,5410nested_form_uinested_form UI helpers (sortable list, sortable tabs)
34,5410metric_spaceCount distance between points in selected metric space
34,5410graphite-monitorUse Graphite APIs to read monitored values from a Graphite server
34,5410glass_railsTimeline, Location, Contact, and Subscription CRUD data model. Helper methods for CRUD ...
34,5410formsSeparate your forms and models once and for all!
34,5410bitsySimple Bitmask
34,5410wbw20helloworldThis is a simple hello world program using ruby gems
34,5410vagrant-proxyA plugin to proxy HTTP requests made by the Vagrant provisioner, using the TBD proxy kit.