Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
161941-161960 of all 162,545 gems.
34,5410smartgeoipLocation by IP
34,5410serealSereal encoder/decoder (https://github.com/Sereal/Sereal)
34,5410runscope-rbStart using Runscope to monitor your API traffic in minutes
34,5410ruby_ddp_clientA simple ddp client (a la Meteor) written in Ruby
34,5410pix_scaleA command line tool for scale of pix.
34,5410ordasity-jarsOrdasity JARs
34,5410icalia_ipsumAn Icalia Labs ipsum generator
34,5410heroku-platformHeroku Platform Client in Ruby
34,5410has_mutexCreates a managable mutex table for ActiveRecord objects to access and synchronize on.
34,5410drbarpgA protocol implementation for Distributed Ruby (DRb), supporting connections through a ...
34,5410datacashThis library provides an idiomatic interface to the DataCash gateway.
34,5410cwrThis fine gem gives you unparalleled access to the captain webhooks API. Once launched,...
34,5410coatiA simple utility that hides instance variables inside Ruby objects
34,5410artforge-csv-mapperCSV Mapper makes it easy to import data from CSV files directly to a collection of any ...
34,5410sky_web_toolkitSky Web Toolkit
34,5410sespoolBounce parser for Amazon SES SNS notifications
34,5410rrlistInspired by RRDTool. A list that its size remains constant over time. You can use range...
34,5410reems_gameThis is an example application used in The Pragmatic Studio's Ruby Programming course,...
34,5410post_logsGem sends logs by post requests