Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
162921-162940 of all 162,982 gems.
48,4170jamesgolick-draperDraper adds an object-oriented layer of presentation logic to your Rails apps.
48,4170gtranslateTranslate your english scripts to any language using ruby
48,4170date_range_solr_queryGenerates a date range query to send to Solr.
48,4170cheap_stringsCheap string literals for Ruby
48,4170argumentativeFlexible argument processing in a readable, declarative style!
48,4170SUPPORTSUPPORT: Setting Up & Provisioning Pragmatic OSS Ruby Technologies
48,4170oceanicLibrary for interaction with the DigitalOcean API.
48,4170lunaScriptable macroing client for Java games, written in Ruby.
48,4170holla_backA simple Ruby gem for providing a response standard to your libraries
48,4170craigslist_scrapera gem that scrapes craigslist data
48,4170wrightWright is a lightweight configuration management tool.
48,4170mongodumpMongodump dump the remote mongolab or mongohq databases and fetch data to the local dat...
48,4170gem-ripper-tagsfast and accurate ctags generator on gem install
48,4170seeuia mobile library seeui implementation for compass
48,4170lookituia mobile library lookit UI implementation for compass
48,4170extract-sass-varsExtracts global variables from a Sass file into a json object.
48,4170mailtruckMailtruck helps with testing features that involve sending and receiving email from ext...
48,4170jquery-taggable-railsjquery-taggable-rails is simple javascript to make tags.
48,4170rubylet-rack-handlerRack::Handler using rubylet-rack and Jetty or Tomcat
48,4170minesRuby in Mines is a framework for creating data mining application prototypes that focus...