Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
162941-162960 of all 162,982 gems.
48,4170ridlerAn ISC DHCP daemon log entry resolver that read/write log data via redis server.
48,4170narratorStraightforward and flexable activity tracking for rails.
48,4170artoo-ardroneArtoo adaptor and driver for Parrot ARDrone 2.0
48,4170shoppinglistSimple shopping list gem
48,4170rubylet-rackJava Servlet implementation that forwards to Rack application
48,4170kb-bashBash runner plugin for Kitchen Busser (kb)
48,4170html2js-railsCompile AngularJS templates to Javascript files
48,4170ecm_user_areaECM User Area.
48,4170dorbInteract with the Digital Ocean API in an idiomatic ruby way.
48,4170triangleGiven 3 integers calculate the type of triangle
48,4170SimpleHTTPServerA Ruby based Simple HTTP Server that's not so simple after all.
48,4170muggleVERY simple framework for Web Applications
48,4170busser-arubaA Busser runner plugin for Aruba
48,4170powerComing soon.
48,4170needle-searchNeedle is a small and opinionated search client for Ruby applications.
48,4170crepeRack-based API framework
48,4170rails_tools-unchanged_validatorProvides an unchanged validator for active model.
48,4170purposeComing soon.