Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
165761-165780 of all 165,891 gems.
134,0060jdbc-cassandraInstall this gem `require 'jdbc/cassandra'` and invoke `Jdbc::Cassandra.load_driver` wi...
134,0060necroSomething small for process management
134,0060plupload-assetsplupload for rails3 assets pipeline
134,0060mixpanel-railsA Rails Engine for Mixpanel
134,0060mdlsqlModular Sql is a modular query builder that enables a high database compatibility, usag...
134,0060mccandlishA thin, hopefully elegant Ruby wrapper for Version 2 of the NYT Article Search API
134,0060lego-nxtRuby LEGO Mindstorms NXT 2.0 control via Bluetooth and USB. See http://github.com/natha...
134,0060jquery-table-js-railsAsset pipeline integration for https://github.com/geraldb/jquery.table.js
134,0060jquery-addresspicker-railsAssets for https://github.com/sgruhier/jquery-addresspicker
134,0060pretty_state_machineSimple DSL for state machine classes
134,0060omnidigA generalized framework for multiple-provider web mining based on activitystrea.ms JSON...
134,0060middleman-emberscriptEmber script support for middleman
134,0060nouEquip9 command line tools
134,0060NextNumbernext number
134,0060loaderio-cliLoader.io is a service which provides possibility to test your application against 50k ...
134,0060libsvm_preprocessorIt's a text preprocessor that generate a libsvm input file
134,0060katakuchikatakuchi is...
134,0060ns-styleguideNS Style Guide
134,0060motion-colortoolsA set of methods for UIColor to darken, lighten, tint, shade, saturate and desaturate e...