Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
165741-165760 of all 165,891 gems.
134,0060punchtabRuby wrapper for PunchTab API. PunchTab is the world's first instant loyalty platform.
134,0060peek-env_varsTake a peek into the ENV vars of your Rails application.
134,0060nested_form_uinested_form UI helpers (sortable list, sortable tabs)
134,0060metric_spaceCount distance between points in selected metric space
134,0060pix_scaleA command line tool for scale of pix.
134,0060ordasity-jarsOrdasity JARs
134,0060post_logsGem sends logs by post requests
134,0060oohlalogRails/Ruby Logger Tie-in for OohLaLog.com
134,0060markup_mechanicFor use in Rails projects that will correct invalid HTML entered by users
134,0060logiceaLogicea supports Euruko 2013 because we believe in Ruby and its growing passionate comm...
134,0060mephistophelesMephistopheles corrupts and manipulates your VM's
134,0060pebbles-random_key_generatorSimply generates random key from CLI.
134,0060omniauth-unbounceUnbounce strategy for OmniAuth 1.0
134,0060omniauth-movesOmniAuth strategy for Moves.
134,0060notepunch-git-media"This is a summary! Stop yer whining"
134,0060lorem_jpJapanese Lorem Ipsum generator
134,0060jsogLibrary to serialize and deserialize object graphs in the JSOG format
134,0060monotonicProvides syscalls to the monotonically increasing system clock
134,0060locationaryGem to normalize and auto-correct location information
134,0060link-previewLink Preview parser feature.