Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
169101-169120 of all 169,174 gems.
164,9551iso-initAttempts to isolate initialize arguments
164,9551iso7813Implementation of the ISO/IEC 7813 standard
164,9551irb_reloadA small library for code reloading in your IRB session.
164,9551jdbc-cassandraInstall this gem `require 'jdbc/cassandra'` and invoke `Jdbc::Cassandra.load_driver` wi...
164,9551jquery-table-js-railsAsset pipeline integration for https://github.com/geraldb/jquery.table.js
164,9551hammerCLI tool to help building binaries using Heroku's anvil
164,9551katakuchikatakuchi is...
164,9551kotobaBook manager in Ruby
164,9551jiroCMS that intercept Rails ActionView Templates and allow changing them directly from Red...
164,9551giternal-digarcGiternal provides dead-simple management of external git dependencies. It only stores a...
164,9551enju_trunk_messageMessage management for Enju Trunk
164,9551rnlpRuby Natural Language Processing Library
164,9551jloomIt's a loom
164,9551krakkenKrakken is able to parse files into a hash, and write a hash to a file. It supports com...
164,9551pirate-shipPirate ship provides a simple DSL to set up delivery of R output
164,9551imseng-business_timeHave you ever wanted to do things like "6.business_days.from_now" and have weekends and...
164,9551ramontayag-middlewareGeneralized implementation of the middleware abstraction for Ruby.
164,9551imseng-capybara-webkitHeadless Webkit driver for Capybara
164,9551instedd-bootstrapInSTEDD Bootstrap is a mountable engine based on bootstrap-sass which provides a Bootst...
164,9551launchrock-syncA ruby gem to sync between launchrock and mailing list providers