Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
169121-169140 of all 169,174 gems.
164,9551rsynthRsynth aims to be a simple to use audio synthesis library for use in ruby
164,9551launchrockA ruby gem to integrate with the launchrock API
164,9551improved-rack-throttle-w-expiryRack middleware for rate-limiting incoming HTTP requests.
164,9551text_analyzrTextAnalyzr: Analizes files on the fly with some nice output info about the file
164,9551kakalibcaca is a graphics library that outputs text instead of pixels.
164,9551karl_maloneA convenience wrapper around messaging queues, specifically Rabbit
164,9551js-flasherA simple gem that exposes unprocessed JS templates
164,9551mysql_checkerDo some work on a MySQL DB to find possible errors
164,9551jquery_visualizeThis is gem for jQuery-Visualize plugin.
164,9551jls-tweetstreamTweetStream is a simple wrapper for consuming the Twitter Streaming API.
164,9551lackeyLackey is a Job Processor inspired by Minion
164,9551jargonfind buzzwords online
164,9551spree_sale_productsAdd (optional) gem description here
164,9551spree_google_merchantAdd (optional) gem description here
164,9551ja-apnsSimple Apple push notification service gem
164,9551kenichi_nakamuraThis is my kenichi.
164,9551spree_scaffoldAdd (optional) gem description here
164,9551lab419_streamsImplemention of streams in the classic sense where a stream is a head and a promise to ...
164,9551jruby-unboundid_ldap-jars["Bundled version of UnboundID LDAP SDK"]
164,9551scapeshiftMagic: The Gathering Oracle web scraper.