Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
172661-172680 of all 172,806 gems.
170,7163hooktstudios-globalize3Rails I18n: de-facto standard library for ActiveRecord 3 model/data translation.
170,7163fundraiserMountable Engine to set up a Crowdfunding app
170,7163upstream-deviseFlexible authentication solution for Rails with Warden
170,7163rails_sparklinesSmall charts, graphs and other data visualization for rails
170,7163middleman-pipelineRake::Pipeline support for Middleman
170,7163edumacator“Educates” quotes and replaces some other typographic characters like em-dashes (—) and...
170,7163ecstasyAfter crack, cocaine, cannabis, speed, the ecstasy gems sole purpose is keeping the Rub...
170,7163penguinPenguin is a tool for creating presentations.
170,7163packupThis gem provides a simple DSL for making MSI packages.
170,7163magnetsComing soon.
170,7163perspectiveComing soon.
170,7163maikuA Maruku superset compiler.
170,7163heuristic-csvTry to overcome the exception CSV::MalformedCSVError and read the data anyway
170,7163gog_engineRails engine providing web interface for displaying gog logs
170,7163frprepFRPREP - Fred and Rosy PREProcessor.
170,7163easy_postA Ruby interface to the EasyPost API
170,7163omf_toolsA set of useful utility tools of OMF, a generic framework for controlling and managing ...
170,7163tivoA convention-based web-request stubbing mechanism.
170,7163eisegesisA tool for building projects. It doesn't suck.
170,7163opentox-datasetOpenTox Dataset Service