Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
172681-172700 of all 172,806 gems.
170,7163heroku-mongoSync up heroku data wiht local mongodb
170,7163extasyAfter crack, cocaine, cannabis, speed, the extasy gems sole purpose is keeping the Ruby...
170,7163ghost_dm-coreFaster, Better, Simpler.
170,7163rulu-wifiRuLu wifi login - simplified
170,7163opentox-taskToxbank task service
170,7163neo4j-jarsContains the jars found on http://neo4j.org/download/ Please check the license for thos...
170,7163dotinhaA Simple Dota 2 Public API Parser
170,7163upgrade-your-browserTired of getting complaints from users with legacy web browsers? Tell your users it's t...
170,7163route-deprecationsAdds ability to deprecate routes from config routes
170,7163i18n_backend_database3This is a port of dylanz's rails plugin by the same name, over to a Rails 3 compatible ...
170,7163ember-oauth2-railsUse Ember OAuth 2 in your Rails app
170,7163nlfwNatural Language Framework is intended to be a collection of bindings for Ruby and prov...
170,7163ec2-userdata-builderToolset for creating user-data for EC2 instances."
170,7163ember-big_projectConfigure Rails assets structure for a big Ember project
170,7163kajamLightweight content management system for middle and small teams.
170,7163sysctlA wrapper around sysctl to make its use cool in OpenBSD too
170,7163easy_dispatchSuper simple concurrecy in ruby
170,7163duck_formBuild arbitrary models to consistently use form_for syntax when building forms in rails
170,7163staterState Model rows with state_id column