Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
173241-173260 of all 173,371 gems.
67,3090shove_itA simple extendable deployment tool
67,3090karl_maloneA convenience wrapper around messaging queues, specifically Rabbit
67,3090china_aqiChina AQI API from PM25.in
67,3090spunkmeyerextracts cookies from browser databases.
67,3090portunesPortunes was greek god of keys, doors. This "portunes" manages SSH access for service a...
67,3090model_historyModel History is a simple gem that allows you to keep track of changes to specific fiel...
67,3090colorkitBuilt on Compass and Sass Colorkit provides a sensible default color library along addi...
67,3090age_calGet the age from date.
67,3090portunes_serverPortunes was greek god of keys, doors. This "portunes" manages SSH access for service a...
67,3090js-flasherA simple gem that exposes unprocessed JS templates
67,3090johnf-fnordmetricFnordMetric is a Ruby Event-Tracking gem on steroids
67,3090errorsprayMakes it easy to append contextual information to error messages
67,3090crossbrowsertesting-gemRuby helper for crossbrowsertesting.com API
67,3090ad_senseA Ruby wrapper of Google AdSense for generating Ads, link ads, or search ads slots.
67,3090rrseRRSE shows signatures of pointed ruby methods in the minibuffer of emacs. You need to ...
67,3090random_inA generator of random numbers. Implemented as a built-in Integer class' method. Generat...
67,3090omniauth-ivleAn OmniAuth strategy for implementing IVLE login
67,3090nationbuilderNationBuilder API client
67,3090minimageThis rubygem does not have a description or summary.
67,3090jquery_visualizeThis is gem for jQuery-Visualize plugin.