Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
173261-173280 of all 178,082 gems.
81,1980schemata-stagingSpecify schema for staging messages and validate messages against defined schema
81,1980r_calcGem defines basic grammar for formula builder and ability to execute formulas to get it...
81,1980pushlayerPushLayer is a service for sending, managing, and debugging iOS push notifications. Thi...
81,1980pompomA command line pomodoro timer
81,1980just_underscoreJust underscore.js.
81,1980humanshumans.txt helper
81,1980fluent-plugin-delay-inspectorInspect delay of log, and emit it, or inject it into message itself with specified attr...
81,1980captainteemoWrapper for http://api.captainteemo.com/_docs/index.php
81,1980when-files-changeWhenever files in your working directory change, execute a command, such as "rake test".
81,1980tiny-cmsSimple placeholder for CMS
81,1980sprockets_html_templateAdds Sprockets support for static templates with the extension .jst.html
81,1980session-hack-rails2-rails3Hackery to get Rails 2 and 3 to share a common session in the browser.
81,1980popflypopfly is a Rails engine that you can drop into your app for use with Nagios, Pingdom, ...
81,1980phlowA custom git workflow that actually works with CI environment
81,1980join-iteratorJoins 2 or more arrays by first element into 1 long iterator
81,1980holiaA simple hello world gem
81,1980glubGlub - a Gitlab client for your command-line.
81,1980fluent-plugin-fnordmetricfnordmetric plugin for fluent, an event collector
81,1980carrierwave-aliyun-crudAliyun OSS support for Carrierwave
81,1980basic_supportExtend core methods in Rails