Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
175581-175600 of all 175,657 gems.
41,6550bowling_game_wilbertcrConsole Bowling Game Score Calculator
41,6550sikulioA Page Object style framework leveraging Sikuli
41,6550safety_razorSafety Razor - A Ruby client for the Razor API.
41,6550moodleQuizDownloaderDownloads Quizzes from Moodle as PDF
41,6550geonGeo data provider
41,6550sprackSpray based Rack Handler for JRuby Apps
41,6550rummLift heavy things inside your Rackspace
41,6550percolatorSimple particle-based physics engine
41,6550jamesgolick-draperDraper adds an object-oriented layer of presentation logic to your Rails apps.
41,6550gtranslateTranslate your english scripts to any language using ruby
41,6550date_range_solr_queryGenerates a date range query to send to Solr.
41,6550cheap_stringsCheap string literals for Ruby
41,6550argumentativeFlexible argument processing in a readable, declarative style!
41,6550SUPPORTSUPPORT: Setting Up & Provisioning Pragmatic OSS Ruby Technologies
41,6550oceanicLibrary for interaction with the DigitalOcean API.
41,6550lunaScriptable macroing client for Java games, written in Ruby.
41,6550holla_backA simple Ruby gem for providing a response standard to your libraries
41,6550craigslist_scrapera gem that scrapes craigslist data
41,6550transactionsA small but powerful command line application to help manage finances. Transactions...
41,6550mongodumpMongodump dump the remote mongolab or mongohq databases and fetch data to the local dat...