Dlpierce's Gems

#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
13,91410,752active-fedoraActiveFedora provides for creating and managing objects in the Fedora Repository Archit...
27,66811,004browse-everythingAJAX/Rails engine file browser for cloud storage services
38,0379,270hydra-derivativesDerivative generation plugin for hydra
49,5979,821hydra-pcdmPortland Common Data Model (PCDM)
510,0547,433hyraxHyrax is a featureful Samvera front-end based on the latest and greatest Samvera softwa...
611,56210,695bixbyA Style Configuration for RuboCop
773,72353,660ldap_groups_lookupProvides easy access to the list of LDAP groups a username is a member of.
8139,198106,746omniauth-iu-casCAS Strategy for OmniAuth with custom IU extensions