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#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
11726thorThor is a toolkit for building powerful command-line interfaces.
2310484active_model_serializersActiveModel::Serializers allows you to generate your JSON in an object-oriented and con...
3334531colored>> puts "this is red".red >> puts "this is red with a blue background (read: ugly)"...
48251,956extlibSupport library for Merb
58941,346monetaA unified interface to key/value stores
61,3061,671skylightSkylight is a smart profiler for Rails, Sinatra, and other Ruby apps.
71,9721,889skylight-coreThe core methods of the Skylight profiler.
82,4243,543handlebars-sourceHandlebars.js source code wrapper for (pre)compilation gems.
92,4702,783ember-sourceEmber.js source code wrapper for use with Ruby libs.
102,7603,215ember-data-sourceember-data source code wrapper for use with Ruby libs.
113,3672,897artificeReplaces Net::HTTP with a subclass that routes all requests to a Rack application
124,6536,826datamapperFaster, Better, Simpler.
134,7048,756templaterTemplater has the ability to both copy files from A to B and also to render templates u...
145,33113,290redgreenredgreen is an expanded version of Pat Eyler's RedGreen. It will install a 'rg' file i...
155,757108,414rkellyThe RKelly library will parse JavaScript and return a parse tree.
165,90714,351merb-coreMerb. Pocket rocket web framework.
176,20914,493merb-assetsMerb plugin for supporting assets
186,63410,984merbThe Merb stack
196,6499,585rack-offlineA Rack endpoint that generates cache manifests and other useful HTML5 offline utilities...
206,67914,493merb-hamlMerb plugin for HAML support
216,68815,873merb-helpersMerb plugin containing view helpers
226,79810,749merb_datamapperMerb plugin that provides support for datamapper
236,83715,648merb-param-protectionMerb plugin that helps protecting sensible parameters
247,10314,865merb-slicesMerb plugin that supports reusable application 'slices'.
257,28613,990merb-mailerMerb plugin for mailer support
267,78615,648merb-exceptionsMerb plugin that supports exception notification
277,87713,020merb-cacheMerb plugin for supporting assets
287,88413,990merb-action-argsMerb plugin that supports controller action arguments
297,94114,493merb-genMerb plugin containing useful code generators
307,95612,152merb-auth-coreAn Authentication framework for Merb
317,98312,152merb-auth-moreAddons for merb-auth-core
328,56915,873merb-authMerb plugin that provides authentication support
338,91916,862merb-auth-slice-passwordMerb Slice with password UI support
349,47216,433merb-more(merb - merb-core) == merb-more. The Full Stack. Take what you need; leave what you do...
3511,38819,688merb_sequelMerb plugin that provides support for Sequel.
3613,73020,479merb_activerecordMerb plugin that provides ActiveRecord support for Merb
3714,26846,575strobeThe client library for deploying applications to Strobe's HTML5 deployment platform
3816,66951,143bundler08An easy way to vendor gem dependencies
3916,73562,322sakeSake tastes great and helps maintain system-level Rake files.
4017,05325,753guidesA tool for creating version controlled guides for open source projects, based on the Ra...
4117,215108,414rake-pipeline-web-filtersA collection of web filters for rake-pipeline
4217,92431,020assistancelight-weight application support
4318,31228,390merb_test_unitMerb plugin that provides Test::Unit support
4421,02132,228merb_screw_unitMerb Slice that provides support for Screw.Unit testing
4522,12735,708handlebars-railsUse Handlebars.js client- and server-side
4623,84625,753ember-template-compiler-sourceEmber-Handlebars precompiler source code wrapper for use with Ruby libs.
4724,05435,708merb_helpersHelper support for merb (similar to the Rails form helpers)
4824,58735,708merb_param_protectionMerb plugin that provides params_accessible and params_protected class methods
4925,17840,461merb-partsMerb plugin that provides Part Controllers.
5025,18040,461merb-builderMerb plugin that provides Builder support
5125,27533,832minigemsLighweight drop-in replacement for rubygems.
5225,36920,068helix_runtimeThe Helix Runtime
5326,962108,414spadeUnified JavaScript runner for browser and command line
5427,13462,322childlaborChildLabor is a gem that helps manage child processes.
5528,290108,414rails_datamapperRails Plugin for DataMapper
5628,61835,708merb_has_flashRails' 'flash' session notification system ported to Merb
5729,83740,461nginx_config_generatorThis rubygem does not have a description or summary.
5830,21243,192merb_partsMerb plugin that provides Part Controllers.
5930,79143,192merb_laszloMerb plugin that provides support for Laszlo.
6033,54746,575merb_builderMerb plugin that provides Builder support
6134,15746,575merb-jqueryMerb plugin that provides jQuery support
6235,00646,575merb_jqueryMerb plugin that provides jQuery support
6335,513108,414rake-pipelineSimple Asset Management
6437,82884,418asdfUse Rack::Directory to rackup the current directory on port 9292 for availability in a ...
6538,24540,461jquery-cheatjQuery command-line API reference
6645,639108,414textmateCommand-line textmate package manager
6749,90046,575merb-freezerMerb plugin that let's you freeze Merb
6851,92162,322merb_has_rails_pluginsMerb plugin that provides autoloading of Rails plugins from plugins/ dir
6959,58962,322helix-railsHelix for Rails
7068,21370,696merb_akismetProvides spam checking with Akismet for Merb apps
7172,05570,696unicodecharsdescription of gem
7272,513108,414rubygems-bug-childDemonstrates a rubygems bug that exists in 1.9 because of gem prelude but not 1.8
7374,19284,418xbm_rubydescription of gem
7484,82284,418attachmerb_fuMerb plugin that provides a port of attachment_fu to merb
7591,23246,575dropdrop is a simple command line utility to help you upload files
7694,27084,418gemcutter-xssHax alert('omg hax')
7798,20570,696merb_exceptionsAllows Merb to forward exceptions to emails or web hooks
7898,82862,322merb_storiesMerb plugin that provides basic support for rSpec text stories
7999,77670,696rubygems-bug-parentDemonstrates a rubygems bug that exists in 1.9 because of gem prelude but not 1.8
80107,156108,414SlimTestZenTest provides 4 different tools: zentest, unit_diff, autotest, and multiruby. ZenTe...
81137,472108,414parsejsParseJS is a JavaScript parser written using KPeg
83153,351108,414slackathonA simple way to build Slack interations inside a Rails app.