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#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
141354fluent-plugin-s3Amazon S3 output plugin for Fluentd event collector
2616927fluent-plugin-record-modifierFilter plugin for modifying event record
3709609fluent-plugin-rewrite-tag-filterFluentd Output filter plugin. It has designed to rewrite tag like mod_rewrite. Re-emmit...
47291,326fluentdFluentd is an open source data collector designed to scale and simplify log management....
5914568sigdumpSetup signal handler which dumps backtrace of running threads and number of allocated o...
61,0741,311serverengineA framework to implement robust multiprocess servers like Unicorn
71,201357fluent-plugin-kafkaFluentd plugin for Apache Kafka > 0.8
81,3151,519fluent-plugin-grok-parserFluentd plugin to support Logstash-inspired Grok format for parsing logs
91,4361,396fluent-plugin-prometheusA fluent plugin that collects metrics and exposes for Prometheus.
101,549988fluent-plugin-cloudwatch-logsCloudWatch Logs Plugin for Fluentd
111,5871,927fluent-plugin-concatFluentd Filter plugin to concat multiple event messages
121,9331,158fluent-plugin-out-httpA generic Fluentd output plugin to send logs to an HTTP endpoint
132,3492,035fluent-plugin-multi-format-parserMulti format parser plugin for Fluentd
142,456398fluent-plugin-opensearchOpensearch output plugin for Fluent event collector
153,0283,070fluent-plugin-parser-criCRI log format parser for Fluentd
163,208525fluent-plugin-mongoMongoDB plugin for Fluentd
173,4234,232fluent-plugin-geoipFluentd Filter plugin to add information about geographical location of IP addresses wi...
183,5194,276geoip2_cWrite a longer description or delete this line.
193,7244,405fluent-plugin-remote_syslogFluentd output plugin for remote syslog
204,2074,820fluent-plugin-grepcounterFluentd plugin to count the number of matched messages, and emit if exceeds the threshold
214,3236,670fluent-plugin-splunk-enterpriseSplunk output plugin for Fluentd
224,7042,284fluent-plugin-beatsElastic beats plugin for Fluentd event collector
235,4766,395fluent-plugin-webhdfsFor WebHDFS and HttpFs of Hadoop HDFS
245,6949,594fluent-plugin-filter_typecastA Fluentd filter plugin to cast record types
258,0203,130capng_clibcap-ng bindings for Ruby.
268,7266,279fluent-plugin-sqlSQL input/output plugin for Fluentd event collector
279,27223,479winevt_cWindows Event Log API bindings from winevt.h.
289,77810,452fluent-plugin-kv-parserFluentd parser plugin to parse key value pairs
2910,49413,001fluent-plugin-mapfluent-plugin-map is the non-buffered plugin that can convert an event log to different...
3010,96411,238fluent-plugin-flowcounter-simpleSimple Fluentd Plugin to count number of messages and outputs to log
3112,13516,053fluent-plugin-windows-eventlogFluentd Input plugin to read windows event log.
3212,1618,205fluent-plugin-parser-winevt_xmlFluentd Parser plugin to parse XML rendered windows event log.
3313,32912,385fluent-plugin-metricsenseMetricSense - application metrics aggregation plugin for Fluentd
3417,44716,305fluent-plugin-netflowNetflow plugin for Fluentd
3517,57210,183fluent-plugin-prometheus_pushgatewayA fluent plugin for prometheus pushgateway
3617,8468,173certstore_cWindows CertStore loader and ruby-openssl extension for TLS connection.
3718,43813,125fluent-plugin-redisRedis output plugin for Fluent
3822,15253,952fluent-plugin-filter_whereFluentd plugin to filter records with SQL-like WHERE statements
3924,17929,409fluent-plugin-hipchatfluent HipChat plugin
4027,53311,713fluent-plugin-sd-dnsDNS based service discovery plugin for Fluentd
4128,18226,652fluent-plugin-pgjsonFluentd Output Plugin for PostgreSQL JSON Type.
4231,57927,946fluent-plugin-statsFluentd plugin to calculate statistics such as sum, max, min, avg
4332,36811,864linux-utmpxLibrary to read login records from /var/log/wtmp, /var/run/utmp
4432,91311,864fluent-plugin-utmpxFluentd Input plugin to parse /var/log/wtmp,/var/run/utmp
4538,22233,307fluent-plugin-ircOutput plugin for IRC
4646,31039,018fluent-plugin-elapsed-timeFluentd plugin to measure elapsed time to process messages
4749,29012,385fluent-plugin-dict-mapDictionary based map filter for Fluentd
4852,57542,774fluent-plugin-watch-processFluentd Input plugin to collect continual process information via ps command or PowerSh...
4957,83314,962fluent-plugin-stdinFluentd plugin for reading events from stdin
5058,64742,774fluent-plugin-measure_timeFluentd plugin to measure elapsed time to process messages
5161,14047,687fluent-plugin-stats-notifierFluentd plugin to calculate statistics and then thresholding
5269,02920,065fluent-plugin-formatter-protobufThis is a Fluentd formatter plugin designed to convert Protobuf JSON into Protobuf binary
5373,48163,042fluent-plugin-latencyFluentd plugin to measure latency until receiving the messages
5474,19663,042fluent-rubyprofTools for start/stop ruby-prof dynamically from outside of fluentd
5592,00633,307fluent-plugin-parser-avroAvro parser plugin for Fluentd
5693,29575,203fluent-plugin-zabbix-simpleOutput data plugin to Zabbix
57102,00275,203fluent-plugin-http-pumaPuma based HTTP(S) plugin for Fluentd
58105,40863,042fluent-plugin-zulipFluentd output plugin for Zulip powerful open source group chat.
59115,05747,687fluent-plugin-parser-protobufProtobuf parser for Fluentd.
60131,71275,203fluent-stackprofTools for start/stop stackprof dynamically from outside of fluentd
61157,31042,774fluent-plugin-windows-exporterFluentd plugin to collect Windows metrics (memory, cpu, network, etc.)
62157,75775,203fluent-plugin-unix-clientFluentd Input plugin to receive data from UNIX domain socket. This is a client version ...
63172,82294,836fluent-plugin-sigdumpFluentd plugin to collect debug information