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1204234rufus-schedulerJob scheduler for Ruby (at, cron, in and every jobs). Not a replacement for crond.
2556311et-orbiTime zones for fugit and rufus-scheduler. Urbi et Orbi.
3967631fugitTime tools for flor and the floraison project. Cron parsing and occurrence computing. T...
41,014669raabroA very dumb PEG parser library, with a horrible interface.
51,9712,695rufus-lruLruHash class, a Hash with a max size, controlled by a LRU mechanism
65,8287,074rufus-luaruby-ffi based bridge from Ruby to Lua
76,94510,394rufus-mnemoTurning (large) integers into japanese sounding words and vice versa
87,41713,723rufus-clocheA very stupid JSON hash store. It's built on top of yajl-ruby and File.lock. Defaults ...
97,44112,534rufus-treecheckertests strings of Ruby code for unauthorized patterns (exit, eval, ...)
107,80412,534rufus-dollar${xxx} substitutions
117,93413,460rufus-jsonOne interface to various JSON ruby libs (yajl, oj, jrjackson, json, json_pure, json-jru...
128,18616,809rufus-tokyoRuby-ffi based lib to access Tokyo Cabinet and Tyrant. The ffi-based structures are av...
139,44715,660ruoteruote is an open source Ruby workflow engine
1411,11930,128rufus-jigJson Interwebs Get. An HTTP client, greedy with JSON content, GETting conditionall...
1511,53916,809rufus-decisionCSV based Ruby decision tables
1612,67430,128openwferuan open source ruby workflow and bpm engine
1713,84730,128rufus-doricsomething at the intersection of Rails3, CouchDB and rufus-jig
1816,40330,128openwferu-schedulerOpenWFEru scheduler for Ruby (at, cron and every)
1916,45430,128rufus-verbsGET, POST, PUT, DELETE, with something around. A HTTP client Ruby gem, with conditiona...
2019,77723,792ruote-kitruote workflow engine, wrapped in a loving rack embrace
2124,28930,128ruote-couchCouchDB storage for ruote 2.1 (ruby workflow engine)
2229,67615,169ruote-redisRedis storage for ruote (a Ruby workflow engine)
2330,52930,128ruote-amqpAMQP participant/receiver pair for ruote
2433,14730,128ruote-dmdatamapper storage for ruote (a workflow engine)
2533,25630,128rufus-sixjoa rack application
2634,36330,128ruote-sequelSequel storage for ruote (a workflow engine)
2743,44723,792florA Ruby workflow engine (ruote next generation)
2853,85830,128rufus-rtmyet another RememberTheMilk wrapper
2954,55030,128negnot a peg parser, just a neg narser
3055,63030,128podoffA library to write over existing PDF documents
3157,22130,128ruote-beanstalkBeanstalk participant/receiver/storage for ruote (a Ruby workflow engine)
3267,25230,128openwferu-sqsAccessing Amazon SQS over its REST API
3370,83323,792denseFetching deep in a dense structure. A kind of bastard of JSONPath.
3471,65930,128voluteplacing some [business] logic outside of classes
3572,68723,792munemoTurns integer into somewhat japanese sounding strings. A successor to rufus-mnemo.
3678,38530,128tafelSomething to turn data into arrays of arrays (suitable for CSV).
3782,75330,128rufus-evalan eval method, a bit safer
3888,70430,128flackA web front-end to the flor workflow engine
3989,37130,128ruote-monMongoDB storage for ruote (a Ruby workflow engine)
4093,41730,128openwferu-kotobaTurning (big) integers into japanese sounding words and vice versa
4194,87730,128sentofuA Ruby client to some of the 1.0.0 Sentifi.com APIs
4295,29430,128rufus-googlesnippets of Ruby code for accessing Google stuff
4396,92230,128ruote-extrasOpenWFEru extras (sqs, csv, ...)
4497,34130,128rufus-sqsA Ruby library for Amazon SQS (gem previously known as 'openwferu-sqs'
4597,58630,128ruote-cukescucumber helpers (steps) for testing ruote process definitions and participants
46106,03430,128subalternan interpreter of a subset of Ruby, written in Ruby
47127,77230,128cevennesDiffs CSVs by lines, focusing on a single ID
48136,92930,128botakuA Slack bot abstraction, built on top of faye-websocket and httpclient.
49139,22730,128ectMethods ending in ect. Mostly a joke.
50141,08930,128figaA Ruby client to the OpenFIGI API v2.
51145,22930,128avantageA Ruby client to the Alpha Vantage API https://www.alphavantage.co/documentation/
52154,03130,128florista worklist implementation for the flor workflow engine