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#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
11419jsonThis is a JSON implementation as a Ruby extension in C.
2214799json_pureThis is a JSON implementation in pure Ruby.
3278682tinsAll the stuff that isn't good/big enough for a real library.
4317710term-ansicolorThis library uses ANSI escape sequences to control the attributes of terminal output
51,3683,062file-tailLibrary to tail files in Ruby
61,9312,088amatchAmatch is a library for approximate string matching and searching in strings. Several a...
73,0132,161protocolThis library offers an implementation of protocols against which you can check the conf...
83,1742,392mizeLibrary that provides memoziation for methods and functions for Ruby.
93,2488,632spruzAll the stuff that isn't good/big enough for a real library.
105,77016,270utilsThis ruby gem provides some useful command line utilities
118,44818,225gem_hadarThis library contains some useful functionality to support the development of Ruby Gems
1211,24612,477permutationLibrary to perform different operations with permutations of sequences (strings, arrays...
1312,42520,640active_record_serialize_jsonSerialize an ActiveRecord::Base attribute via JSON in Ruby on Rails
1413,87433,334dslkitThis library contains recurring patterns, that are useful in the creation of internal D...
1514,2348,066deguLibrary that includes enums, and rails support for enums and bitfield sets.
1614,92220,640active_record_mutexMutex that can be used to synchronise ruby processes via an ActiveRecord datababase con...
1715,17112,847complex_configThis library allows you to access configuration files via a simple interface
1818,27212,847more_mathLibrary that provides more mathematical functions/algorithms than standard Ruby.
1922,65218,225git-story-workflowGem abstracting a git workflow…
2024,67013,061infobarThis gem displays progress of computations and additional information to the terminal.
2124,89033,334lazylistImplementation of lazy lists for Ruby
2226,94414,924betterdocsThis library provides tools to generate API documention for a web site's REST-ful JSON ...
2328,37812,847wirecard_checkout_pageThis library allows you to use the Wirecard Checkout Page service.
2429,73533,334blinkenlightsThis library allows you to turn the keyboard LEDs on and of with Ruby.
2532,46916,270pstreeThis library uses the output of the ps command to creaste process tree data structure f...
2632,51019,310fakeryThis library fakes ruby objects from JSON API responses for testing purposes.
2732,97633,334bullshitLibrary to benchmark ruby code and analyse the results
2833,63020,640ampel_extaseLibrary to control the build traffic light. Yes, we can…
2933,84913,469betterlogThis library provides structure json logging for our rails projects
3034,71833,334cpuLibrary to gather CPU information (load averages, usage, temperature) in Ruby on Linux
3141,06433,334pivotalprinterGenerate nice story cards from pivotaltracker.
3243,83033,334neuroA Ruby extension that provides a 2-Layer Back Propagation Neural Network, which can be ...
3355,98233,334memosigThis excecutable supervises the memory usage of processes, and sends a configurable sig...
3462,01933,334ctapiThese are Ruby bindings to a library that supports the Cardterminal-API (CTAPI) for chi...
3566,66433,334json-utilsUtilities for handling JSON data
3674,12833,334flottRuby as a templating language
3793,25133,334co_co_geThis library creates (un-)readable coupon codes.
38104,99533,334socket_switcherSwitches devices on and off. Yes, it does…
39105,73033,334poweronLibrary to send a wake-on-lan packet in order to poweron a sleeing computer.
40109,96933,334unicorn_relayAllow controlling unicorn via supervise by relaying signals to it