Johnnyshields's Gems

#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
11,8201,850gmailA Rubyesque interface to Gmail, with all the tools you will need. Search, read and se...
22,5673,170mongoid-historyThis library tracks historical changes for any document, including embedded ones. It ac...
32,6544,403mongoid_paranoiaProvides a Paranoia module documents which soft-deletes documents.
42,7812,442mongoid-rspecRSpec matches for Mongoid models, including association and validation matchers.
53,4923,280delayed_job_mongoidMongoid backend for delayed_job
65,6103,934by_starActiveRecord and Mongoid extension for easier date scopes and time ranges
76,1946,386mongoid-slugMongoid URL slug or permalink generator
86,6935,453mongoid_orderableEnables Mongoid models to track their position in list
97,3847,578naturalsortExample: %w(1 2a A1 a11 A12 a2 a21 x__2 X_1).natural_sort => %w(1 2a A1 a11 A12 a2 a...
108,3913,656dartsass-sprocketsUse Dart Sass with Sprockets and the Ruby on Rails asset pipeline.
119,3456,928dartsass-rubyUse Dart Sass with Ruby
1210,5443,016mail-sesRuby Mail delivery method handler for Amazon SES
1312,60519,900mongoid_userstampUserstamp for creator and updater columns using Mongoid
1414,31222,983activedocumentObject Mapper for XML Database. Initially setup for connection to MarkLogic
1516,7747,319paygate-rubyRuby wrapper for PayGate Korea payment gateway
1617,9387,448nihaopay-rubyRuby library for Nihaopay payment gateway API
1720,76232,447mongoid_taggable_with_contextAdd multiple tag fields on Mongoid documents with aggregation capability.
1822,2558,045mongoid_relations_dirty_trackingMongoid extension for tracking changes on document relations
1925,04436,940mongoid_monkeyA collection of monkey patches for Mongoid containing feature backports, fixes, and for...
2028,60576,549paperclip-dimensionA simple plugin to persist image dimensions.
2155,20666,195japanese_namesJapanese name parser based on ENAMDICT
2299,741100,853thermalConvert basic HTML into thermal printer escape codes.
23129,698150,026q-ruby-driverA Ruby interface to Q database from Kx Systems
24169,690150,026mongoid_archivalEnables archiving (soft delete) of Mongoid documents.
25173,528150,026prawn-continuedPrawn is a fast, tiny, and nimble PDF generator for Ruby
26177,924114,235prawn-table-continuedPrawn::Table provides tables for the Prawn PDF toolkit
27179,163114,235ai18nAI tools for Internationalization (I18n).
28179,994180,160mongoid-ultraRuby ODM (Object Document Mapper) Framework for MongoDB. Maintained by the community, f...