Naruse's Gems

#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
11817jsonThis is a JSON implementation as a Ruby extension in C.
210892msgpackMessagePack is a binary-based efficient object serialization library. It enables to exc...
311430rexmlAn XML toolkit for Ruby
424096webrickWEBrick is an HTTP server toolkit that can be configured as an HTTPS server, a proxy se...
55411,668json_pureThis is a JSON implementation in pure Ruby.
61,007505opensslIt wraps the OpenSSL library.
71,153445syncA module that provides a two-phase lock with a counter.
81,208312matrixAn implementation of Matrix and Vector classes.
91,269552e2mmapModule for defining custom exceptions with specific messages.
101,302265net-protocolThe abstract interface for net-* client.
111,322724setProvides a class to deal with collections of unordered, unique values
121,350486optparseOptionParser is a class for command-line option analysis.
131,4512,010strptimea fast strptime/strftime engine which uses VM.
141,4771,251thwaitWatches for termination of multiple threads.
151,5101,982iconviconv wrapper library
161,511310net-imapRuby client api for Internet Message Access Protocol
171,5162,135loggerProvides a simple logging utility for outputting messages.
181,523765irbInteractive Ruby command-line tool for REPL (Read Eval Print Loop).
191,6201,066strscanProvides lexical scanning operations on a String.
201,6431,778csvThe CSV library provides a complete interface to CSV files and data. It offers tools to...
211,6921,176digestProvides a framework for message digest libraries.
221,7662, provides a high performance event framework for Ruby which uses the libev C lib...
231,898528debugDebugging functionality for Ruby. This is completely rewritten debug.rb which was conta...
241,9542,160englishRequire 'English.rb' to reference global variables with less cryptic names.
252,3621,726fileutilsSeveral file utility methods for copying, moving, removing, etc.
262,4292,599did_you_meanThe gem that has been saving people from typos since 2014.
272,4451,593stringioPseudo `IO` class from/to `String`.
282,5351,488rssFamily of libraries that support various formats of XML "feeds".
292,8892,594io-waitWaits until IO is readable or writable without blocking.
302,9001,408net-ftpSupport for the File Transfer Protocol.
312,9264,071td-clientTreasure Data API library for Ruby
323,0472,335dateA subclass of Object includes Comparable module for handling dates.
333,3501,915zlibRuby interface for the zlib compression/decompression library
343,4112,343scanfscanf is an implementation of the C function scanf(3).
353,7393,899etcProvides access to information typically stored in UNIX /etc directory.
363,9532,552timeExtends the Time class with methods for parsing and conversion.
373,9561,311resolvThread-aware DNS resolver library in Ruby.
383,9802,695forwardableProvides delegation of specified methods to a designated object.
394,1725,145tdCLI to manage data on Treasure Data, the Hadoop-based cloud data warehousing
404,1773,338fiddleA libffi wrapper for Ruby.
414,2926,303td-loggerTreasure Data logging library
424,7593,464ostructClass to build custom data structures, similar to a Hash.
434,7622,253net-httpHTTP client api for Ruby.
445,3352,233securerandomInterface for secure random number generator.
455,3622,876erbAn easy to use but powerful templating system for Ruby.
465,5576,095shellAn idiomatic Ruby interface for common UNIX shell commands.
475,5593,737base64Support for encoding and decoding binary data using a Base64 representation.
485,6542,820open-uriAn easy-to-use wrapper for Net::HTTP, Net::HTTPS and Net::FTP.
496,3115,089dbmProvides a wrapper for the UNIX-style Database Manager Library
507,2194,998mutex_mMixin to extend objects to be handled like a Mutex.
517,4267,709gdbmRuby extension for GNU dbm.
528,0543,414tempfileA utility class for managing temporary files.
538,0849,003perfectqueueHighly available distributed cron built on RDBMS
548,1465,522fcntlLoads constants defined in the OS fcntl.h C header file
558,3165,204ppProvides a PrettyPrinter for Ruby objects
568,3524,909shellwordsManipulates strings with word parsing rules of UNIX Bourne shell.
578,9625,522prettyprintImplements a pretty printing algorithm for readable structure.
589,9624,365tsortTopological sorting using Tarjan's algorithm
5910,4338,508ext_monitorfaster MonitorMixin implementation with C extension which is introduced in Ruby 2.7
6010,6365,114pathnameRepresentation of the name of a file or directory on the filesystem
6110,8946,632cmathCMath is a library that provides trigonometric and transcendental functions for complex...
6212,93821,871fluent-plugin-metricsenseMetricSense - application metrics aggregation plugin for Fluentd
6313,2954,735resolv-replaceReplace Socket DNS with Resolv.
6414,8077,849nkfRuby extension for Network Kanji Filter
6514,87016,228perfectschedHighly available distributed cron built on RDBMS
6615,2285,703unUtilities to replace common UNIX commands
6715,6275,857findThis module supports top-down traversal of a set of file paths.
6815,89310,226tmpdirExtends the Dir class to manage the OS temporary file path.
6916,0625,817drbDistributed object system for Ruby
7023,6306,286rindaThe Linda distributed computing paradigm in Ruby.
7131,5556,464sdbmProvides a simple file-based key-value store with String keys and values.
7248,9356,685weakrefAllows a referenced object to be garbage-collected.
7352,9586,694abbrevCalculates a set of unique abbreviations for a given set of strings
7476,25643,000traceroute53A tool to investigate Route53, ELB, EC2 and Security Groups
75118,72336,168syslogRuby interface for the POSIX system logging facility.
76143,21733,644io-nonblockEnables non-blocking mode with IO class
77149,49753,453win32oleProvides an interface for OLE Automation in Ruby
78152,991110,217gohttpan http library with go.
79160,652110,217laplacefast method tracing