Adambeynon's Gems

#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
15,6649,280opalOpal is a Ruby to JavaScript compiler. It is source-to-source, making it fast as a runt...
210,01516,629opal-railsRails bindings for opal JS engine
311,03218,447opal-jqueryOpal DOM library for jQuery
412,88217,926opal-activesupportThe port of the glorious ActiveSupport for Opal
513,03243,717opal-rspecOpal compatible RSpec library
615,49883,368opal-specOpal compatible spec library
732,73319,058opal-hamlRun Haml templates client-side with Opal.
970,11683,368opal-erbERB for Opal
1078,09083,368opal-raccOpal compatible racc runtime.
1192,88632,422bookable_cloudBookable Cloud editor
1297,94083,368opal-strscanOpal version of strscan.
13114,02655,014cherry_kitDesktop framework for use with vienna
14129,10583,368rbpA ruby package manager for managing local packages
15130,84683,368opal-jsonJSON implementation for opal
16131,76455,014opal-viennaClient side MVC framework for Opal
17133,33483,368ospecOpal compatible spec library
18137,10183,368opal-eventableEventable module for Opal