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#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
11620thorThor is a toolkit for building powerful command-line interfaces.
24,98910,364merb-coreMerb. Pocket rocket web framework.
35,27610,172merb-assetsMerb plugin for supporting assets
45,69811,121merb-helpersMerb plugin containing view helpers
55,72610,364merb-hamlMerb plugin for HAML support
65,82311,266merb-param-protectionMerb plugin that helps protecting sensible parameters
75,8378,536merbThe Merb stack
86,0399,101merb_datamapperMerb plugin that provides support for datamapper
96,14510,272merb-slicesMerb plugin that supports reusable application 'slices'.
106,38310,272merb-mailerMerb plugin for mailer support
116,83410,857merb-exceptionsMerb plugin that supports exception notification
126,94310,364merb-cacheMerb plugin for supporting assets
136,94810,272merb-action-argsMerb plugin that supports controller action arguments
147,00710,474merb-genMerb plugin containing useful code generators
158,56610,985merb-more(merb - merb-core) == merb-more. The Full Stack. Take what you need; leave what you do...
1610,39712,316merb_sequelMerb plugin that provides support for Sequel.
1712,65813,789merb_activerecordMerb plugin that provides ActiveRecord support for Merb
1813,81739,614active_formActiveForm provides a DSL for defining complete XHTML forms with validation.
1917,20715,876merb_test_unitMerb plugin that provides Test::Unit support
2019,94117,109merb_screw_unitMerb Slice that provides support for Screw.Unit testing
2122,60639,614minigemsLighweight drop-in replacement for rubygems.
2222,94218,686merb_helpersHelper support for merb (similar to the Rails form helpers)
2323,52018,686merb_param_protectionMerb plugin that provides params_accessible and params_protected class methods
2423,84219,861merb-builderMerb plugin that provides Builder support
2523,87019,861merb-partsMerb plugin that provides Part Controllers.
2629,06121,083merb_partsMerb plugin that provides Part Controllers.
2729,74421,083merb_laszloMerb plugin that provides support for Laszlo.
2832,29922,772merb_builderMerb plugin that provides Builder support
2932,98222,772merb-jqueryMerb plugin that provides jQuery support
3033,96322,772merb_jqueryMerb plugin that provides jQuery support
3141,53339,614textmateCommand-line textmate package manager
3248,15228,093merb-freezerMerb plugin that let's you freeze Merb
3392,41239,614merb_exceptionsAllows Merb to forward exceptions to emails or web hooks