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#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
16501,133extlibSupport library for Merb
21,1556,941fastthreadOptimized replacement for thread.rb primitives
31,6797,093mongrelA small fast HTTP library and server that runs Rails, Camping, Nitro and Iowa apps.
41,6896,675gem_pluginA plugin system based on rubygems that uses dependencies only
52,0896,675cgi_multipart_eof_fixFix an exploitable bug in CGI multipart parsing.
63,8918,304datamapperFaster, Better, Simpler.
74,99811,374merb-coreMerb. Pocket rocket web framework.
85,28511,052merb-assetsMerb plugin for supporting assets
95,70412,410merb-helpersMerb plugin containing view helpers
105,73111,201merb-hamlMerb plugin for HAML support
115,75028,726mongrel_clusterMongrel plugin that provides commands and Capistrano tasks for managing multiple Mongre...
125,82812,776merb-param-protectionMerb plugin that helps protecting sensible parameters
135,8409,129merbThe Merb stack
146,0448,398merb_datamapperMerb plugin that provides support for datamapper
156,15011,201merb-slicesMerb plugin that supports reusable application 'slices'.
166,38911,201merb-mailerMerb plugin for mailer support
176,83911,540merb-exceptionsMerb plugin that supports exception notification
186,94711,052merb-cacheMerb plugin for supporting assets
196,95411,374merb-action-argsMerb plugin that supports controller action arguments
207,01211,374merb-genMerb plugin containing useful code generators
218,57012,235merb-more(merb - merb-core) == merb-more. The Full Stack. Take what you need; leave what you do...
2210,39814,158merb_sequelMerb plugin that provides support for Sequel.
2312,66416,584merb_activerecordMerb plugin that provides ActiveRecord support for Merb
2415,84617,813assistancelight-weight application support
2517,21420,223merb_test_unitMerb plugin that provides Test::Unit support
2619,94522,651merb_screw_unitMerb Slice that provides support for Screw.Unit testing
2722,62187,174minigemsLighweight drop-in replacement for rubygems.
2822,94026,175merb_helpersHelper support for merb (similar to the Rails form helpers)
2923,51526,175merb_param_protectionMerb plugin that provides params_accessible and params_protected class methods
3023,84728,726merb-builderMerb plugin that provides Builder support
3123,87228,726merb-partsMerb plugin that provides Part Controllers.
3225,15687,174rails_datamapperRails Plugin for DataMapper
3327,35831,650merb_has_flashRails' 'flash' session notification system ported to Merb
3429,06531,650merb_partsMerb plugin that provides Part Controllers.
3529,73931,650merb_laszloMerb plugin that provides support for Laszlo.
3632,30536,003merb_builderMerb plugin that provides Builder support
3732,98036,003merb-jqueryMerb plugin that provides jQuery support
3833,61287,174mongrel_upload_progressThe mongrel_upload_progress gemplugin
3933,98036,003merb_jqueryMerb plugin that provides jQuery support
4034,80587,174mongrel_statusA sample plugin that reports the status of mongrel.
4137,83887,174mongrel_configMongrel plugin that gives you web based config tool using Camping
4248,15650,325merb-freezerMerb plugin that let's you freeze Merb
4350,21350,325merb_has_rails_pluginsMerb plugin that provides autoloading of Rails plugins from plugins/ dir
4457,87587,174mongrel_consoleProvides a combined Mongrel and Rails IRB console.
4561,90387,174mongrel_experimentalBackports and experimental features for Mongrel.
4665,46864,680merb_akismetProvides spam checking with Akismet for Merb apps
4779,62050,325attachmerb_fuMerb plugin that provides a port of attachment_fu to merb
4892,43787,174merb_exceptionsAllows Merb to forward exceptions to emails or web hooks
4993,18887,174merb_storiesMerb plugin that provides basic support for rSpec text stories