Ankane's Gems

#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
1815495strong_migrationsCatch unsafe migrations in development
21,116936lockboxModern encryption for Ruby and Rails
31,1551,405chartkickCreate beautiful JavaScript charts with one line of Ruby
41,2731,440groupdateThe simplest way to group temporal data
51,4881,633safely_blockRescue and report exceptions in non-critical code
61,5031,386searchkickIntelligent search made easy with Rails and Elasticsearch or OpenSearch
71,5662,240errbaseCommon exception reporting for a variety of services
81,7711,728pretenderLog in as another user in Rails
91,8331,245pgheroA performance dashboard for Postgres
102,0242,888distribute_readsScale database reads with replicas in Rails
112,1711,058neighborNearest neighbor search for Rails and Postgres
122,1882,216ahoy_mateySimple, powerful, first-party analytics for Rails
133,0523,168ahoy_emailFirst-party email analytics for Rails
143,1152,626blazerExplore your data with SQL. Easily create charts and dashboards, and share them with yo...
153,3072,767argon2-kdfArgon2 key derivation for Ruby
163,3453,973active_medianMedian and percentile for Active Record, Mongoid, arrays, and hashes
173,3992,749blind_indexSecurely search encrypted database fields
183,6322,848logstopKeep personal data out of your logs
193,6614,941onnxruntimeHigh performance scoring engine for ML models
203,7195,420blingfireHigh speed text tokenization for Ruby
213,7725,479informersState-of-the-art natural language processing for Ruby
223,9152,622authtrailTrack Devise login activity
234,1024,177searchjoySearch analytics made easy
244,2086,124barkickBarcodes made easy
254,2804,722multiverseMultiple databases for Rails
264,4104,783kms_encryptedSimple, secure key management for Lockbox and attr_encrypted
274,5124,847field_testA/B testing for Rails
284,5843,488slowpokeRack::Timeout enhancements for Rails
294,9741,914wilson_scoreSimple, dependency-free Wilson score
305,1674,623pgsyncSync Postgres data between databases
315,2685,179hightopA nice shortcut for group count queries
325,57810,260pluPrice look-up codes made easy
335,6817,169guessStatistical gender detection for Ruby
345,7625,426mailkickEmail subscriptions for Rails
355,7839,912archer-railsRails console history for Heroku, Docker, and more
365,7897,615cacheflowColorized logging for Memcached and Redis
376,2375,860delete_in_batchesFast batch deletes for Active Record and Postgres
386,2416,468str_enumString enums for Rails
396,4336,546hypershieldShield sensitive data in Postgres and MySQL
406,4936,703pgslicePostgres partitioning as easy as pie
416,6674,281timerangeTime ranges for Ruby
426,9371,922npySave and load NumPy npy and npz files in Ruby
436,9766,317gindexInstant concurrent indexes for Rails
449,1546,887libmfLarge-scale sparse matrix factorization for Ruby
459,57916,502activejob_backportDeclare job classes that can be run by a variety of queueing backends.
469,7107,487discoRecommendations for Ruby and Rails using collaborative filtering
4710,1646,661ip_anonymizerIP address anonymizer for Ruby and Rails
4810,25710,726ownershipCode ownership for Rails
4910,3497,016rollupsRollup time-series data in Rails
5010,5905,461rover-dfSimple, powerful data frames for Ruby
5110,5993,415tokenizersFast state-of-the-art tokenizers for Ruby
5210,9478,635lightgbmHigh performance gradient boosting for Ruby
5310,9688,635epsMachine learning for Ruby. Supports regression (linear regression) and classification (...
5410,98410,822notableTrack notable requests and background jobs
5511,2493,914pgvectorpgvector support for Ruby
5613,1238,324clockwork_webA web interface for Clockwork
5713,1589,846xgbHigh performance gradient boosting for Ruby
5813,3325,311polars-dfBlazingly fast DataFrames for Ruby
5913,8698,242trendRuby client for Trend, the time series API
6014,4978,783or-toolsOperations research tools for Ruby
6114,7556,032cmdstanBayesian inference for Ruby, powered by CmdStan
6215,1286,032prophet-rbTime series forecasting for Ruby
6316,9109,912vegaInteractive charts for Ruby, powered by Vega and Vega-Lite
6418,13214,222mainstreetAddress verification for Ruby and Rails
6519,62333,727torch-rbDeep learning for Ruby, powered by LibTorch
6620,9816,132mapkick-rbCreate beautiful JavaScript maps with one line of Ruby
6723,4707,290postjoyPostal codes made easy
6824,3809,379faissEfficient similarity search and clustering for Ruby
6926,41813,255pgdexterThe automatic indexer for Postgres
7028,04710,822reversedReverse DNS / IP Lookup for Ruby
7128,78315,560notable_webA web interface for Notable
7232,70317,853datasketchesSketch data structures for Ruby
7333,41815,560mitieNamed-entity recognition for Ruby
7434,24015,560autosuggestGenerate autocomplete suggestions based on what your users search
7534,76033,727lightcoreLightweight Ruby core extensions
7635,30810,260fasttextEfficient text classification and representation learning for Ruby
7736,59333,727movesRuby client for Moves
7839,65317,853tomotoHigh performance topic modeling for Ruby
7941,79833,727anomalyEasy-to-use anomaly detection for Ruby
8044,67133,727camoRuby client for Camo - the SSL image proxy
8148,36224,324ngtHigh-speed approximate nearest neighbors for Ruby
8250,02215,174anomaly_detectionTime series anomaly detection for Ruby
8352,30524,324outliertreeExplainable outlier/anomaly detection for Ruby
8457,69233,727drill-sergeantRuby client for Apache Drill
8559,40515,993isotreeOutlier/anomaly detection for Ruby using Isolation Forest
8660,56733,727midas-edgeEdge stream anomaly detection for Ruby
8760,81633,727ahoy_eventsSimple, powerful event tracking for Rails
8863,13833,727cmfrecRecommendations for Ruby using collective matrix factorization
8966,25233,727carrot2Ruby client for Carrot2
9066,41533,727robustlyDon’t let small errors bring down the system
9167,28833,727benchmethThe super easy way to benchmark methods
9267,48924,324glpkLinear programming kit for Ruby
9368,63921,558scsSCS - the splitting conic solver - for Ruby
9468,81733,727scrub_paramsSecure Rails parameters by default
9569,55033,727torchvisionComputer vision datasets, transforms, and models for Ruby
9670,61416,502highsLinear optimization for Ruby
9772,09224,324intelSearch analytics made easy
9876,72315,993gslrHigh performance linear regression for Ruby, powered by GSL
9979,70716,502opt-rbConvex optimization for Ruby
10080,77733,727xlearnHigh performance factorization machines for Ruby
10181,44133,727betavitesDon't waste time building your beta invite system
10282,46615,993troveDeploy machine learning models in Ruby (and Rails)
10383,37933,727torchaudioData manipulation and transformation for audio signal processing
10484,35517,126tensorflowTensorFlow - the end-to-end machine learning platform - for Ruby
10587,14933,727pghero_logsSlow query log parser for Postgres
10688,58233,727osqpOSQP (Operator Splitting Quadratic Program) solver for Ruby
10788,60233,727thundersvmHigh performance parallel SVMs for Ruby
10889,27215,993stl-rbSeasonal-trend decomposition for Ruby
10989,71524,324katanaKatana is a wrapper for the Heroku gem to make multi-environment deployments simple.
11091,21633,727getformidableReal-time form analytics
11192,84833,727libffmField-aware factorization machines for Ruby
11293,61133,727active_kmsSimple, secure key management for Active Record encryption
11399,11333,727khivaHigh-performance time series algorithms for Ruby
114100,88933,727vowpalwabbitFast online machine learning for Ruby
115105,89933,727esheroElasticsearch insights made easy
116109,92633,727bundle_benchmarkBecause loading gems can take longer than you think
117112,93833,727youtokentomeHigh performance unsupervised text tokenization for Ruby
118114,73833,727ignite-clientRuby client for Apache Ignite
119119,19224,324active_hllHyperLogLog for Rails and Postgres
120120,71711,661immudbRuby client for immudb
121123,55433,727frontrunnerWebpack for Rails
122123,63633,727authkickLightweight authentication for OmniAuth
123128,86833,727hexspaceRuby client for Apache Spark SQL and Apache Hive
124131,60433,727datakickRuby client for Datakick - the open product database
125133,52333,727breakout-detectionBreakout detection for Ruby
126133,85133,727torchtextData loaders and abstractions for text and NLP
127134,95733,727cached_attributesSuper simple caching for Ruby
128135,02133,727tsneHigh performance t-SNE for Ruby
129137,81633,727cache_reduceA simple, powerful pattern for caching data
130139,04833,727cloak-rbApplication-level encryption for Redis and Memcached
131153,07933,727clpLinear programming solver for Ruby
132154,22633,727heroku2dokkuHeroku -> Dokku in minutes
133156,79617,853mapkick-staticCreate beautiful static maps with one line of Ruby
134161,39833,727searchkick-proAll the great features of Searchkick, and more
135162,97733,727torchrecDeep learning recommendation systems for Ruby
136165,82333,727cbcMixed-integer programming for Ruby
137173,73733,727morph-rubyMorph client for Ruby
138174,37933,727rcfRandom Cut Forest anomaly detection for Ruby
139175,14533,727safetensorsSimple, safe way to store and distribute tensors
140175,29818,767neighbor-redisNearest neighbor search for Ruby and Redis
141175,38333,727mittensStemming for Ruby, powered by Snowball
142178,92033,727torchdataComposable data loading for Ruby