Ankane's Gems

#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
19981,037chartkickCreate beautiful JavaScript charts with one line of Ruby
21,0951,167groupdateThe simplest way to group temporal data
31,1001,068strong_migrationsCatch unsafe migrations in development
41,3561,372searchkickIntelligent search made easy with Rails and Elasticsearch
51,6261,469errbaseCommon exception reporting for a variety of services
61,6671,452safely_blockRescue and report exceptions in non-critical code
71,7492,591distribute_readsScale database reads with replicas in Rails
82,0091,568pgheroA performance dashboard for Postgres
92,0861,565pretenderLog in as another user in Rails
102,1971,933ahoy_mateySimple, powerful, first-party analytics for Rails
112,6434,714logstopKeep personally identifiable information (PII) out of your logs
122,667879lockboxModern encryption for Rails
133,2242,433ahoy_emailEmail analytics for Rails
143,3384,585searchjoySearch analytics made easy
153,4072,907blazerExplore your data with SQL. Easily create charts and dashboards, and share them with yo...
163,8083,708active_medianMedian and percentile for Active Record, Mongoid, arrays, and hashes
174,5174,163hightopA nice shortcut for group count queries
184,5853,471multiverseMultiple databases for Rails
195,1363,664slowpokeRack::Timeout enhancements for Rails
205,1633,893mailkickEmail subscriptions made easy
216,0515,931activejob_backportDeclare job classes that can be run by a variety of queueing backends.
226,4467,449delete_in_batchesThe fastest way to delete 100k+ rows with ActiveRecord
236,5713,420authtrailTrack Devise login activity
246,9743,388blind_indexSecurely search encrypted database fields
257,1235,548guessStatistical gender detection for Ruby
267,29315,897barkickBarcodes made easy
277,4095,181pgsyncSync Postgres data between databases
288,02847,627pluPrice look-up codes made easy
298,4336,089kms_encryptedSimple, secure key management for Lockbox and attr_encrypted
308,6447,790field_testA/B testing for Rails
3111,4925,604str_enumString enums for Rails
3212,6236,478timerangeTime ranges for Ruby
3313,12213,421pgslicePostgres partitioning as easy as pie
3414,2058,231notableTrack notable requests and background jobs
3514,28522,457wilson_scoreSimple, dependency-free Wilson score
3615,14132,284clockwork_webA web interface for Clockwork
3718,4207,301ip_anonymizerIP address anonymizer for Ruby and Rails
3830,03231,577cacheflowColorized logging for Memcached and Redis
3931,54242,879movesRuby client for Moves
4031,5659,151trendRuby client for Trend, the time series API
4131,7948,520hypershieldShield sensitive data in Postgres and MySQL
4231,83913,277epsMachine learning for Ruby. Supports regression (linear regression) and classification (...
4334,94147,627anomalyEasy-to-use anomaly detection
4440,4449,756lightgbmHigh performance gradient boosting for Ruby
4541,18042,879notable_webA web interface for Notable
4641,18347,627camoRuby client for Camo - the SSL image proxy
4751,04947,627ahoy_eventsSimple, powerful event tracking for Rails
4852,17947,627pgdexterThe automatic indexer for Postgres
4954,07333,119drill-sergeantRuby client for Apache Drill
5055,27712,537mainstreetAddress verification for Ruby and Rails
5156,43747,627benchmethThe super easy way to benchmark methods
5257,68642,879postjoyPostal codes made easy
5359,49247,627robustlyDon’t let small errors bring down the system
5461,08347,627xgbHigh performance gradient boosting for Ruby
5562,01847,627betavitesDon't waste time building your beta invite system
5662,54932,284lightcoreLightweight Ruby core extensions
5762,89626,050autosuggestGenerate autocomplete suggestions based on what your users search
5863,37747,627scrub_paramsSecure Rails parameters by default
5963,74519,611intelSearch analytics made easy
6066,46117,217archer-railsRails console history for Heroku, Docker, and more
6168,50725,575discoCollaborative filtering for Ruby
6271,04926,704katanaKatana is a wrapper for the Heroku gem to make multi-environment deployments simple.
6371,87047,627getformidableReal-time form analytics
6472,28447,627carrot2Ruby client for Carrot2
6572,42744,388reversedReverse DNS / IP Lookup for Ruby
6675,04142,879onnxruntimeHigh performance scoring engine for ML models
6775,07544,388gindexInstant concurrent indexes for Rails
6876,08844,388ownershipCode ownership for Rails
6977,75047,627esheroElasticsearch insights made easy
7087,62347,627bundle_benchmarkBecause loading gems can take longer than you think
7191,57647,627pghero_logsSlow query log parser for Postgres
72105,08847,627authkickLightweight authentication for OmniAuth
73113,69747,627scsSCS - the splitting conic solver - for Ruby
74115,75047,627datakickRuby client for Datakick - the open product database
75121,18847,627cached_attributesSuper simple caching for Ruby
76121,64247,627cache_reduceA simple, powerful pattern for caching data
77131,82447,627frontrunnerWebpack for Rails
78137,83233,119heroku2dokkuHeroku -> Dokku in minutes
79146,97447,627searchkick-proAll the great features of Searchkick, and more