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#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
17082rack-protectionProtect against typical web attacks, works with all Rack apps, including Rails.
288115sinatraSinatra is a DSL for quickly creating web applications in Ruby with minimal effort.
3182126mustermannA library implementing patterns that behave like regular expressions.
4595523grapeA Ruby framework for rapid API development with great conventions.
5754568mustermann-grapeAdds Grape style patterns to Mustermman
69461,126sinatra-contribCollection of useful Sinatra extensions
71,6452,248padrino-helpersTag helpers, asset helpers, form helpers, form builders and many more helpers for padrino
81,7822,228padrino-supportA number of support methods and extensions for Padrino framework
92,8924,060padrino-coreThe Padrino core gem required for use of this framework
103,0417,047mustermann19library implementing patterns that behave like regular expressions for use in Ruby 1.9
113,2184,533padrino-genGenerators for easily creating and building padrino applications from the console
123,2774,567padrino-mailerMailer system for padrino allowing easy delivery of application emails
133,2794,548padrinoThe Godfather of Sinatra provides a full-stack agnostic framework on top of Sinatra
143,2874,555padrino-adminAdmin View for Padrino applications
153,4424,567padrino-cacheCaching support for memcached, page and fragment
166,9983,393mustermann-contribAdds many plugins to Mustermann
1714,21515,281rspec-padrinorspec-padrino is a gem including helpers for testing a Padrino app using RSpec. Taking ...
1820,51332,262itamae-plugin-resource-iptablesitamae resource plugin to manage iptables.
1920,63043,586data-converterConvert hash and array into HTML Element.
2021,06232,262itamae-plugin-recipe-opensshitamae recipe plugin for openssh.
2128,93322,973hjsonHuman JSON (Hjson) implementation for Ruby
2239,70343,586botchBotch is a DSL for quickly creating web crawlers. Inspired by Sinatra.
2345,90128,026pendragonProvides an HTTP router for use in Rack and Padrino.
2446,73522,027unicorn-padrinoAdds unicorn as an adapter to your padrino start command.
2551,43243,586dinamoDynamoDB ORM for Ruby
2659,00843,586Ruby4MisawaA scraping library for Jigoku no Misawa
2762,80543,586howl-routerA http router for Rack and Padrino.
2873,18228,026activesupport-cache-redis_multiplexerRedisMultiplexer enables to handle redis-servers both primary and read-replica, in your...
2979,23743,586reliGeneric interface for Esoteric Language Implementations which is written in Ruby.
3079,35743,586henselHensel makes it easy to build the breadcrumbs.
3181,76232,262mandrakeMandrake loads middlewares conditionally, and it provides two options and DSL for setti...
32107,44843,586airshipAirship is the Sinatra/Padrino extension.
33115,93943,586react-sinatraReact on Sinatra Integration
34122,41928,026r2reer2ree is a ruby bindings to the r2ree linkable C++ radix tree library.
35122,86543,586oggOgg is an Open Graph Generator.
36125,92743,586jshInteractive shell for JavaScript which is written in Ruby.
37131,39443,586rspec-imageProvides some matchers for testing your image file.
38134,32543,586rack-refreshRack Middleware for adding Refresh field to response headers
39136,00143,586sinatra-bindBinds instance method on routes
40136,25232,262modullaEnables DSL on your module
41139,85343,586sinatra-named_routeSupports named routes and makes it easy to access to URI path.
42139,85343,586itamae-plugin-recipe-nm_chrubyitamae plugin for the chruby utility
43154,36943,586gammoGammo is an implementation of the HTML5 parsing algorithm which conforms the WHATWG spe...
44160,92343,586namusyakatesting, testing, testing