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#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
181124sinatraSinatra is a DSL for quickly creating web applications in Ruby with minimal effort.
2165106octokitSimple wrapper for the GitHub API
34,6564,737approvalsA library to make it easier to do golden-master style testing in Ruby
45,9253,152rubocop-githubCode style checking for GitHub Ruby repositories
56,17440,176tracklerAll of the data necessary to construct exercises in any of the Exercism tracks. This in...
67,34129,182pebblebedDevelopment tools for working with Pebblebed
78,0078,885etsyA friendly Ruby interface to the Etsy API
812,85140,176exercismClient gem for the app
917,11540,176pebbles-uidHandle pebble UIDs conveniently.
1019,23540,176petroglyphA simple, terse, and unsurprising ruby dsl to create json views.
1127,10740,176ts_vector_tagsExtremely simple, if somewhat exotic, mixin that uses the tsvector feature in postgresq...
1232,14240,176no_phoneStandardizes norwegian phone numbers, and leaves international numbers unchanged.
1334,25140,176calorieA simple ruby calendar display mechanism.
1444,36240,176langulatorManage, maintain, and munge your i18n files.
1544,42840,176rspec-approvalsAn RSpec extension that adds support for approvals. Based on the idea of the Golden Mas...
1645,75240,176approval_testsApproval testing library for ruby
1749,1418,500octopollerA micro gem for polling and retrying, perfect for making repeating requests
1851,51440,176norwegian_holidaysA Norwegian holiday calendar. Answers the age-old question: "When is mothersday this ye...
1953,06140,176pebbles-pathProvide pebble-compliant paths for ActiveRecord models.
2053,26040,176chronomizeCreates labels for a window of dates, with knowledge about it's relationship to the cur...
2155,15840,176timetressAnswers the age-old question 'When is mothersday this year?'
2256,20840,176pebble_pathProvide pebble-compliant paths for ActiveRecord models.
2375,67040,176slugorizeSmall string extension which normalizes strings making them suitable for usage as a slu...
2482,56840,176origami-importerSuperglue for origami imports
2583,53540,176bot_detectorChecks user-agents against a list of known bots.
2694,15740,176trilogyTrilogy web framework
27103,45540,176kadryllScore generator for drum independence drills.
28106,08540,176minitest-homeworkModifies minitest's basic test suite to provide helper methods for teaching.