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1193717factory_girlfactory_girl provides a framework and DSL for defining and using ...
2209516shoulda-matchersShoulda Matchers provides RSpec- and Minitest-compatible one-liners to test common Rail...
3218527climate_controlModify your ENV
4219582paperclipEasy upload management for ActiveRecord
5230751factory_girl_railsfactory_girl_rails provides integration between factory_girl and rails 3 or newer (...
6285756cocaineA small library for doing (command) lines
7290400factory_botfactory_bot provides a framework and DSL for defining and using factories - less error-...
8429460factory_bot_railsfactory_bot_rails provides integration between factory_bot and rails 4.2 or newer
96941,371bourbonBourbon is a library of pure Sass mixins and functions that are designed to make yo...
10738837doorkeeperDoorkeeper is an OAuth 2 provider for Rails and Grape.
119521,215shoulda-contextContext framework extracted from Shoulda
129771,314shouldaMaking tests easy on the fingers and eyes
131,0232,310capybara-webkitHeadless Webkit driver for Capybara
141,3672,513neatA lightweight Sass grid framework
151,4431,663high_voltageFire in the disco. Fire in the ... taco bell.
161,6041,773appraisalAppraisal integrates with bundler and rake to test your library against different versi...
172,1321,641griddlerSendGrid Parse API client Rails Engine
182,2427,686bourneExtends mocha to allow detailed tracking and querying of stub and mock invocations....
192,4428,334hoptoad_notifierSend your application errors to our hosted service and reclaim your inbox.
202,7521,998administrateAdministrate is heavily inspired by projects like Rails Admin and ActiveAdmin, but aims...
212,8833,208flutieFlutie is a starting point for personal discovery
223,1123,241clearanceClearance is built to support authentication and authorization via an email/passwor...
233,6204,718bittersBitters helps designers start projects faster by defining a basic set of Sass varia...
243,6974,032meritManage badges, points and rankings (reputation) in your Rails app.
254,4764,267fake_braintreeA fake Braintree that you can run integration tests against
264,5867,520fake_stripeAn implementation of the Stripe credit card processing service to run during your integ...
274,7266,197refillsComponents and patterns built with Bourbon and Neat.
285,06834,211saucyClearance-based Rails engine for Software as a Service (Saas) that provides account and...
295,5245,336backbone-supportSwappingController and CompositeView for Backbone.js
305,54822,501yamA Ruby wrapper for accessing Yammer's REST API
315,7006,606suspendersSuspenders is a base Rails project that you can upgrade. It is used by thoughtbot to ge...
327,4637,986capybara_discoballWhen ShamRack doesn't quite cut it; when your JavaScript and non-Ruby code needs to hit...
338,30734,211copycopter_clientClient for the Copycopter copy management service
348,49318,941thoughtbot-shouldaMaking tests easy on the fingers and eyes
358,6298,957paul_reverePaul Revere provides a model and helper methods to do one-off style announcements.
369,53334,211pacecarGenerated scopes for ActiveRecord classes.
3710,29934,211dieselDevelop your Rails engines like you develop your Rails applications.
3811,20518,941paperclip-i18nTranslations for paperclip rubygem.
3911,40318,941parityDevelopment/staging/production parity makes it easier for those who write the code ...
4012,43834,211kumadeA well-tested script for easy deploying to Heroku
4112,9126,606administrate-field-imageOfficial Image field plugin for Administrate
4214,2645,377administrate-field-nested_has_manyPlugin for nested has_many forms in Administrate
4317,66334,211saucy-kissRecord Saucy SaaS events to KISSmetrics
4418,34618,941clearance-deprecated_password_strategiesSHA1, Blowfish, and SHA1 to BCrypt migration strategies
4527,14313,874croutonsEasy breadcrumbs for Rails apps.
4629,41022,501troutTrout allows you to maintain a base version of special files (like Gemfile) in on...
4733,72934,211capybara-envjs-fixesFixes on top of capybara-envjs
4842,41834,211proteus-kitsA collection of useful starter kits to help you prototype faster
4949,07034,211json-matchersValidate your Rails JSON API's JSON
5053,80934,211wrappedThe unchecked nil is a dangerous concept leading to NoMethodErrors at runtime. It would...
5154,32034,211payloadDependency configuration and injection for Ruby and Rails.
5255,19834,211fistfacePow. Right in the kisser.
5371,75734,211rubygems-gmanGenerate and install man pages for installed gems.
5480,90034,211rdoc-generator-mdocAn mdoc(7) generator for RDoc
55132,33034,211courier-notificationsEasy push notifications